Tips for Renting an Apartment in Hong Kong

Tips for Renting an Apartment in Hong Kong

Do you plan to visit Hong Kong for business or pleasure? We thought we would offer some helpful tips you can make use of to help you choose the best apartment for rent. Real estate in Hong Kong is thriving. Over the years, Hong Kong real estate has evolved with the introduction of new options for rentals.

If you are spending a few days or plan to stay for many months, we are sure you will find a rental option for you. It is important you make the correct decision on your first try, because it will be difficult to change your choice after moving in.

What Type of Apartment Would You Like to Rent?

It helps to start your search for an apartment in Hong Kong when you know what you need. At the top of the list of choices are serviced apartments, such as these. The demand for serviced apartments is high because of the convenience and comfort they offer. Serviced apartments can be found throughout Hong Kong and mainland areas. Serviced apartments offer all the essential things you need to live comfortably, such as hot water, comfortable beds, electric cookers, TV, and Wi-Fi.

Alternatively, you can find private rentals such as Airbnb which are also adequate for expats relocating to Hong Kong or for visitors.

How Long Are You Renting?

The duration of your stay in Hong Kong may also determine the type of apartment you can rent. For example, serviced apartments in Hong Kong are mainly on offer to expats who are interested in a long-term rental. The rentals for serviced apartment start from one month, but you may find some real estate companies willing to rent serviced apartments for a week or so.

The rental structure for private or holiday apartments are more flexible. You can rent an apartment from a private owner for a few days if you so desire.

Compare Apartment Rental Prices

Your search for an apartment in Hong Kong will be more successful if you use a Hong Kong directory ( as a reference to find apartments for rent and compare prices. The apartment listings in the Hong Kong directory also feature contact information. So, it is possible to call the real estate agent to get more information about the apartment that is featured on the listing that you are interested in.

Modern apartments in Hong Kong may seem expensive, say SCMP. But, they are tastefully furnished with classy designs, which make these amazing apartments worth the rent.

I would also advise you to read the reviews carefully. You can find information when you read the feedback provided by people living in different apartments to know which offers have the best views from the rooms, and the apartment residences which offer the best service.

Make Plans for Transportation

It is a great idea to live in a part of Hong Kong that is in proximity to the bus or train stations that you will need on a day to day basis, according to CityMetric. You can find an apartment for rent that is located close to the places you will frequently visiting if you base your search around key transportation routes.

To enjoy your stay in Hong Kong, find an apartment that is only a few minutes’ walk to places of your interest.

Another tips is that if you have pets, please confirm with the real estate agent to know if the management will allow pets before paying the rent.

Have you got any more tips for finding an apartment in Hong Kong?

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