Tips for Making Money As a Fiction Author

Fiction writing is an excellent way to earn a living from the comfort of your home. However, your stories should entertain and evoke emotional responses from your readers. Besides wanting a great book, readers anticipate characters they can build a personal connection with and relate to. While it might seem challenging for some authors, writing great fiction can fetch you a decent income. Here are five tips for making money as a fiction author.

  1. Write good fiction stories

A fiction story that sells should invoke the right emotions from your audience. It should keep them anxiously turning every page in anticipation of more suspense and great action. A fiction book worth selling should have properly developed, believable characters. It should be full of action and have an excellent plot with realistic twists that keep readers guessing what to expect. Your fiction story should be fun to read, inspiring, and one that your audience can develop a personal connection with.

A good fiction story should use supernatural powers to make it interesting and captivating. Visit or any other relevant website to learn more about magic laws and how best to use them in your fiction writing for compelling stories. Creating better fiction will attract more readers and get your work widely shared, increasing the chances of a good income.

  1. Self-publish your fiction work

When you self-publish your fiction stories, every penny from the books you sell belongs to you. It gives you pricing control, which can help you find ways to increase readership and earnings. For instance, lowering your price tag broadens your reader base, raising your income. Self-publishing on other sites earns you better royalties. You can also offer discounts to sell more. Large publishing companies want to work with authors they believe guarantee sales. Self-publishing your fiction work enables you to share stories with your target audience regardless of what others say.

  1. Start a blog

Blogging is one of the best ways a fiction author can make money. Starting a blog allows you to market yourself via your content, helping you develop connections with new readers. As a fiction writer, you want to create content that can help sell your novels. If you wish to write educational blogs, then blog about any research you have conducted. This is especially useful when writing genres like historical stories and science fiction.

Alternatively, you can create entertaining blogs. With flash fiction, you can introduce your fantasy works to the world. You may also blog stories as serials to grow your following and then self-publish. You can monetize your blog through ads, subscriptions, affiliate marketing, coaching, and more.

  1. Become a fiction ghostwriter

As a ghostwriter, you’ll be paid to create fiction content whose official credit goes to someone else. The credited author gives you a standard framework of ideas before the start of a project or comments on your final draft. The charges for your fiction work depend on your skills and reputation.

  1.  Work as a fiction editor

Editing is an essential service for authors because it helps generate polished works of their manuscripts to enable them to publish the best fantasy stories. To work as a successful fiction editor, you must have powerful writing, attention to detail, and communication skills.


Fiction writing offers multiple avenues for writers to earn a living. Use these tips to make money as a fiction author. 

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