Tips for Disinfecting and Cleaning Your Business Environment During the Coronavirus Pandemic

covid 19 cleaning for businesses

Many countries are slowly opening up their economies again, and businesses are taking measures to begin trading, even though the Coronavirus pandemic is not yet over.

If you are one of the business owners planning to reopen your business to the public, it is important that you protect your customers and staff by disinfecting your workplace.

Many of your customers will first do an assessment of your business before entering to ensure that you have taken the pandemic seriously. Therefore, posters on the window of safety measures you have taken will be useful to put their minds at ease.

Your efforts to sanitize the business environment will help customers feel confident enough to come in. The Coronavirus cannot survive after being cleaned with disinfectants, soaps, and hand sanitizers, so these products are your main weapon in keeping everyone safe and well.

The following tips will help you keep your business environment clean and safe for everyone who walks in through your doors…

Clean Surfaces with Soap and Water

You can also use a small amount of bleach and water to clean surfaces. All surfaces in your business area should be cleaned, but it is important to pay particular attention to surfaces that are frequently touched by people.

These high use surfaces include doorknobs, keyboards, phones, switches for lights switches, and toilet areas.

Disinfect Electronic Appliances Regularly

In the workplace, different electronics appliances such as copiers, coffee makers, refrigerators, and other equipment should be regularly disinfected. This can be done with a solution of water and bleach. Please ensure that the surfaces are wiped with a wet cleaning cloth after the electronic device has been disconnected from electric power.

It is also important that you regularly maintain your cleaning equipment. One service we would recommend is professional powerwashing maintenance.

Educate Your Employees

Things have changed, and everyone should adapt to this unusual way of life. Please educate your employees about the need to wash their hands regularly, and about the cleaning procedures that are now in place. Hand washing should be done as often as possible.

Please ensure that a hand washbowl or hand sanitizer is readily available to everyone who comes into your business environment. It is also a great idea to put up posters about the Coronavirus, how it is transmitted, and the ways to avoid becoming infected with the virus to make employees feel at ease and to remind them of the rules to follow.

Provide Disposable Gloves and Outfit for Janitors

Your employees should be protected while they keep the business environment clean and free from the virus. All workers should clean with disposable gloves and cover gowns, which should be properly disposed of after use. If you don’t have these safety gloves and gowns, we would recommend you make use of professional powerwashing disinfectant team icleancovid19.

Ensure That the Area is Properly Ventilated

An infection will spread faster in an enclosed environment. This is why you should implement measures to improve the ventilation in your business environment.

Make sure you read the guidance issued by your local authority before trading again, aswell as advice published by the CDC and WHO. Please read these instructions and adhere to the conditions that have been prescribed. Together, we can beat the pandemic, and our lives will return to normal once more.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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