Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Carrier for Your Dog

dog carrier

If you have a dog carrier, you can easily travel with your dog or visit the vet without stress. Dog carriers come in different designs and sizes. You can find the perfect dog carrier for your pets online. In this post, I will be writing about tips to help you choose the best dog carrier for your beloved pet, aswell as exploring some of the benefits.

What you need is a dog carrier that has versatile functions and can accommodate your pet. It is important that your pet is comfortable in the dog carrier to avoid noise and trouble while you are in transit. If you travel frequently, consider getting a pet plan like Bivvy, because you never know what emergencies you might have along the way.

Here are my top tips to choose an excellent dog carrier for your adorable furry friend…

Consider the Size of Your Dog

The dog carrier you buy should be a perfect fit for your dog. You may also want to consider the age of your dog. If you have a puppy, it is best to buy dog carriers (such as these) with much larger space to accommodate its size when your dog grows bigger.

This way, you can use your dog carrier for many years and save money. Please note that your dog should be able to stand upright in the dog carrier you buy.

Choose a Dog Carrier Acceptable By Airlines

With a dog carrier, there is no need to register your dog in a pet boarding facility when you are travelling, and you can take your dog with you for a holiday. But it is important to buy a dog carrier that will be accepted by the airline.

To get it right, you should buy dog carriers that meet the specifications stated by the airline on their website. Dog carriers can be used in many other situations (

Consider Your Convenience

Regarding the style, most dog carriers have an appealing design, but you should choose convenience first. If your dog is quite big, it may not be very easy to use a hand-carry dog carrier. You should buy one of the models that come with wheels.

Wheeled dog carriers are perfect for a visit to the vet, or when you have to travel through a major airport that requires long walks to your departure gate.

Also, owners of smaller dog breeds can choose to buy the wearable front or backpack dog carriers. These models are worn over the shoulder, leaving your arms free.

Never Compromise Quality

Dogs can easily break out from low-quality dog carriers and make a run for it out of excitement. This can be a problem when you have to hand over your pet to airport authorities during check-in. You will have peace of mind throughout the flight when you know the dog carrier you have used is of the highest quality and your dog is safe inside.

The best dog carriers are hard on the outside and have a softer comfortable lining on the inside. Check the security features to ensure that the clasps and locks cannot come undone while you are in transit with your dog.

You should also consider buying one of the collapsible dog carriers. When you get to your destination, and it is time to let your dog out, simply collapse the carrier, so it is easy to carry while you walk your dog.

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