Three Advantages of An Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

When walking in a shopping mall, staying at a hotel, or going to a public toilet, you may smell a strong characteristic fragrance. That flavor somehow makes you relaxed and delighted. Actually, you should give a lot of credit to the essential oil aroma diffuser. Apart from the pleasant fragrance, this machine also has other advantages. Just keep reading to know more.

How an essential oil aroma diffuser works? In fact, it’s not difficult to understand. The ultrasonic equipment placed in the essential oil aroma diffuser decomposes water molecules and plant essential oil into the cold fog by high-frequency vibration. After that, the cold fog with a diameter of 0.1 to 5 μm is diffused by the essential oil aroma diffuser into the air. That’s how the fragrance comes. In a departure from mass-market products, PL-151090 provided by SVAVO uses two-fluid atomization, with which water, oil and alcohol can be atomized. The essential oil is atomized into finer, lighter particles so that it could be better absorbed by your body with special effects. Also, it does not change the therapeutic properties of some oils without heat sources.

Apart from the pleasant fragrance, an essential oil aroma diffuser also has other outstanding advantages and applications. Three aspects are listed as follows.

1. Purify the Air and Maintain the Moisture

When you need to clean the air in the antechamber to greet some important guests, an essential oil aroma diffuser is here for you. It can create a large number of active oxygen anions, which reacts strongly with the harmful gas molecules in the air, and eliminates the toxic substances like formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia effectively and comprehensively. In particular, an essential oil aroma diffuser is good at maintaining the suitable moisture in a room. In winter, after the heating machine works continuously, people in the room may sense the dryness and feel very uncomfortable. For example, their mouth, skin, and throat may be parched. Some people even have a nosebleed since the dry air. However, an essential oil aroma diffuser can conquer this problem easily. By atomizing water molecules and pure plant essential oil in various ways, this machine can provide a high humidity in the room even when the heating machine works, which creates a comfortable environment for people who need to stay in a place for a long time.

2. Occupy Less Space with a High Cost-Performance

Take Automatic Aroma Diffuser PL-151090 from SVAVO as an example. This essential oil aroma diffuser has a small size with a detachable cap designed for easy refill, which makes it occupy less space but become an excellent decoration on the wall. The 100 ml of the liquid capacity of it enables fewer drops of essential oil to be added into the water every time, making the use of the expensive essential oil economical. What’s more, equipped with a readable LCD screen and programmable setting for work period, work mode and interval spray, it perfectly fulfills any special needs and easy to operate. Most importantly, on the strength of the two-fluid conversion atomization, the essential oil can be atomized into tinier and lighter particles without causing any heat. This keeps the active ingredient of the essential oil efficacious and avoids any dangerous issue during the operation process.

3. Gather Energy and Relax Your Mind

When you need to keep a great deal of concentration in a prolonged meeting, try out the essential oil aroma diffuser. The soothing fragrance created by it can be a great helper to gather your attention. Additionally, that fragrance can also relax your body and your mind. Just imagine this: after a busy long day, you finally lie in your bed. By relishing the joyful fragrance all night, you have a good sleep. Moreover, the whole operation process of some high-quality essential oil aroma diffusers like Automatic Aroma Diffuser PL-151090 is noiseless. In this case, they are suitable for not only a bedroom but also any place required silence.

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