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The E-commerce world is a ‘world’ on its own, with every single information and product available at your fingertips. A few clicks and the product is purchased; who would have thought the growth of e-commerce would be unstoppable and magnanimous after its launch in 1969. Driven by continual alterations and advancements in technology on a global scale, online sales are foreseen to reach 22% of global retail sales by 2023. This percentage has surged rapidly from 14.1% in 2019.

According to Statista, more than 263 million consumers shop online in the United States every day, and this number is expected to reach 291.2 million by 2025. It is important to note that fashion, media, and electronics are the top three categories known for online shopping.

Although online shopping is a trend in itself, cart abandonment is a major problem faced by e-commerce platforms. An average e-commerce store loses a staggering 75% of its sales to digital cart abandonment. Innumerable brands send app notifications and text messages to remind the users to complete the orders left in the cart. Although reminding is one way to reach the user’s attention, it is also likely that the user is busy with multiple other notifications. This aspect also reduces interaction and engagement on a large scale since there is no two-way communication in this process.

To walk an instance with the ever-changing marketing dynamics, creative strategies are incorporated by D2C brands to enable exponential growth and value-adding to the increasing customer base. Nevertheless, it is significant for businesses to understand the ‘customer sentiment’ to reach the set goals. This process is bound to make the customer journey fulfilling, easier, and quicker.

The above aspect enhances the fact that contacting the users through email can create a significant positive impact in improving the cart recovery rate. This recovery rate cannot be achieved if the users are bound to go through multiple steps such as visiting the e-commerce store, logging in, searching for the cart, and making the purchase in the end. This process is tedious from a marketer’s perspective and adds zero value.

To evade the above hindrances, Mailmodo steps in with its groundbreaking returns by offering a complete email marketing solution. This is also where interactive AMP emails enter; the viable solution to increase cart recovery rate in multiple use-cases. The exceptional feature enables checkout from the cart inside the email. 

Shopify sellers can benefit significantly from Mailmodo to maximize their profits and convert more leads into conversions. To enhance sales with carts present inside emails, a feature for direct checkouts has been integrated, which decreases the steps for purchasing. This aspect assists in increasing sales and revenue with abandoned cart recovery via interactive and engaging emails. 

Here are a few steps for brands to better engage with their customers:

  1. Integration: The brands are required to put branding, product, and transaction information inside the emails with Shopify’s easy integration process. 
  2. In-mail checkouts for customers: The customers can edit the quantity, product type, and payment methods in the email without any redirection to another platform. 
  3. Significant increase in cart recovery: Brands can seamlessly initiate interactive cart recovery by creating personalized emails as per each customer’s behavior. 

Interactive Email Marketing for Shopify Sellers can be executed with the following quick steps:  

  1. Significant API keys: The brands can add respective Shopify stores by utilizing the API keys and importing entire brand and product data. 
  2. Detail confirmation: Confirming brand name, product brands, email id, and additional details are retracted from the respective Shopify store. 
  3. Payments: Lastly, payment methodology is required to be configured to collect online payments from emails and enable Cash On Delivery where required. 

Furthermore, Mailmodo enhances the email marketing experience that brands always aspire to deliver through its powerful features like: 

  1. Email templates: The brand can choose from the e-commerce email templates provided on the vast Shopify platform. There is also an option to customize a personal email template. 
  2. No coding required: The brand can customize the template or create a brand new one with the assistance of Mailmodo’s drag and drop editor without coding.
  3. Solution at one click: Add Shopify product recommendations or cart recovery blocks in the template with just one click. 

Working upon campaigns is an additional aspect of connecting with the customers on a larger scale. Sending product recommendations, offering email campaigns, analyzing cart performance recovery journey, and creating a transactional email are a few additional features that Mailmodo delivers. The focus is to engage customers and keep them updated with the trending and latest information. 

Mailmodo is on a pathbreaking journey to integrate e-commerce platforms into interactive emails powered by AMP. The aim is to recover cart abandonment rates by the customers and increase revenue for the brands. Mailmodo’s partnership with Shopify and GoKwik is assisting brands across sectors to reach out to the people on a large scale consistently to augment outreach, trust, and efficiency. 

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