Things You Must Consider Before Buying Diamond Jewels Online

Don’t be afraid to shop for them online

Is it engagement season again? Every October, many young fellows pop the question to their hopefully future fiancees. While we all know that the ring itself does not have much influence on the gal’s decision, no guy would risk buying a cheap one for the special occasion. There are, however, several options worth considering if you’re on a tight budget, like turning to online shopping. Nevertheless, keep in mind these three things before taking your credit card out of your wallet.

1. License and Registration, Please

Just like other products (especially pricey ones), there is strict supervision on the quality of diamonds. This is to prevent all sorts of scams, but also to make sure that sellers with a good reputation are rewarded. Keep that in mind when picking out who you’re buying from. You should never be ashamed to ask for proof that a diamond is authentic and meets the description provided – it comes in the form of a certificate – and you usually won’t have to even ask since retailers will proudly present it without you even asking. If you are hesitating whether you are buying from honest people, our advice would be to try somewhere else – your instincts are usually worth trusting.

2. Shop and Compare

There’s a big advantage to shopping on the World Wide Web, and it’s the fact that you can compare prices with a couple of clicks. It’s always worth a shot, when you find a diamond ring that suits your taste, to check how much it would cost you on another website. Find a few online stores you consider credible and see the price ranges – you’d be surprised at the differences you can find sometimes. Some stores have offers and promotions, making their prices significantly lower and you might be lucky. Best Brilliance, for example, posts a few nifty offers every month on the homepage of their site – and so do other trusted retailers.

Different websites, different prices

3. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds – The Next Generation of Diamonds

A diamond with flawless clarity is hard to find – and the price is set accordingly. Clarity is a natural trait every diamond has and it is determined by an official body with unified standards. What makes a diamond less clear? Basically, materials which are found inside of it after it is formed (and not artificially inserted). The official term for these materials is blemishes and inclusions. Today there are methods of removing blemishes and inclusions, making the diamond clearer and not changing its properties and formation at all.

What that means is you can get a clear sparkling diamond for a cheaper price, and it is worth considering if you’re on a tighter budget. Keep in mind, though, that people are recently complaining of being sold fake diamonds while being told that they are clarity enhanced. Of course, this problem can be solved by purchasing diamonds only from trusted online stores, like Best Brilliance, and it’s always better to read some reviews before making a decision.



James Williams
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