Things to Consider When Buying a CCTV System

Things to Consider When Buying a CCTV System

Buying a CCTV system is an important purchase. It is crucial that you take your time and carefully analyze your own personal needs and the available systems for sale before making a purchase. So, here are some things that you should consider when buying a CCTV system.

Evaluate your needs

It is important not to buy any CCTV system (see here), as your own personal needs will impact what system you should purchase. Do you need a system that will monitor the comings and goings to your property? Is it crucial that you want to see faces, or are you wanting to protect merchandise in your store? You will also need to consider whether you need a wireless system, or whether a traditional wired cctv security system would be more appropriate.

Other points you need to consider include:

  • Do you need the system to be waterproof so it can be used outside?
  • Do you need the CCTV system to use IP network cameras?
  • How many cameras do you need to monitor your area? Will you need  one or two, or will you ten or twenty? Of course, your budget will impact how many individual cameras you can buy.

Type and Quality of the Imaging Chip

While the above points are important when buying a CCTV system, it is also important to carefully consider what type of imaging chip, and the quality it can capture when deciding which system to buy.

CCTV cameras are able to produce images that either use CMOS or CCD chips. Inexpensive CCTV cameras will more often than not make use of CMOS technology. You can imagine that the images produced will be quite poor, which can be even worse in times of high exposure to light, or when it is dark.

Higher quality CCTV systems will make use of the more modern CCD technology. When analysing the camera, look out for the the size of the chip. More often than not, as the chip increases in size, the quality of the image produced will rise. As you can imagine, bigger chips are more costly, and this cost can multiply when you are ordering a lot of different cameras. We would recommend that you take a look at higher density 1/4″ and 1/3″ CCD chips. They are able to provide good images like many older 1/3″ or 1/2″ chips.

As you can see, there are a lot of different things to consider when buying a CCTV system. There are many great systems for sale at, so we would recommend you go and check them out! Here are some advantages to consider if you are undecided about whether to use a CCTV system or not –



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