Themed Airbnb Highlight: Winnie the Pooh Treehouse

winnie the pooh themed airbnb

In mid-September 2021, Winnie the Pooh fans arose in a frenzy when Airbnb announced limited availability for guests to stay in a Winnie the Pooh-inspired treehouse in Ashdown Forest, England, the original forest that inspired the Hundred Acre Wood. This isn’t Airbnb’s first time releasing limited-time stays at pop culture-inspired properties, but it certainly is one of the most nostalgic they’ve done yet. Inspired by Disney’s 95th anniversary for the beloved character, Airbnb unveiled the “Bearbnb,” as they cleverly titled it. 

However, the only downside to this whimsical experience is that it was only available two separate single-night stays for eligible guests, both of these stays which have already passed. Although this limited availability is already a thing of the past, the property is still one to be admired.

Kim Raymond, the Disney-appointed Winnie the Pooh illustrator and host of the Airbnb stay, created the scene after drawing the bear for over 30 years. He brought the home to life after using inspiration from E.H. Shepard’s original decorations and putting himself in Pooh’s headspace, whose adventures have been a part of people’s hearts for almost a century.

The home is extremely recognizable with its iconic red door, a stuffed Winnie the Pooh seated at the entrance and a doorpost with “Mr. Sanderz” inscribed in the wood. The stay hosts up to four individuals, includes a charming backyard dining area and features kitchen cupboards stocked with an abundance of Hunny pots. With all of these references to the treasured Pooh tales, the stay’s lucky guests were able to spend a nostalgic evening in a storybook setting.

During the guests’ stays, they were also taken on a guided tour of the Hundred Acre Wood, played Poohsticks on the Poohsticks Bridge and enjoyed locally sourced Hunny-inspired meals. Each stay had some specific witty rules, including no Heffalumps in the house, keeping their hands out of the honey pots, mandatory Poohsticks, multiple naps being permitted and a few more.

Due to the high level of interest, it is, of course, hopeful to wish for Airbnb to allow stays here year-round. However, it is unknown whether this will happen or not, given that it was only temporarily available to celebrate the anniversary. Even if the Pooh-themed Airbnb property does not become open to the public again, fans can still embrace their nostalgia by traveling to Ashdown Forest and indulging in their favorite Pooh-related activities and inspired cuisines.

Andrew Hutchings is a distinguished real estate expert located in Long Beach, CA. For as long as he can remember, Andrew has been eager to help others — a trait he attributes to the encouragement and support of his hard-working parents. As soon as he graduated high school, he launched his career. Never one to waste time, Andrew balanced learning the ropes at Century 21 with earning his undergraduate degree from Long Beach State University. Now, he is known for his impressive home renovations, each of which he takes pride in and time to complete. Outside of his work, Andrew Hutchings is passionate about traveling and gaining new experiences. 

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