The Ultimate Reasons Why You Can Rely on FamiSafe to Control the Time Your Children Spend on their Screen

laptop being used by kids

Nowadays, it is increasingly common for children or even their children to own their cell phones for a number of reasons. However, it is sometimes necessary to better control the time they spend with the device in hand for a number of reasons. The internet contains hidden dangers such as pornography, online predators, cyberbullying, addiction and many more. There have been many examples of children’s lives being destroyed by the Internet. The internet is not just a moving screen. It is an unlimited source of access and information. Therefore, controlling Internet use in children is very important.

To help with this control, there are some applications on Google Play and App Store, which in addition to helping to control the time spent on the phone, can block the installation of apps, limit the duration of calls and many more. However, not all applications are completely reliable. Most of the applications have limited functionality, resulting in the process of controlling online activities not going as expected. However, not all applications are completely reliable. Most of the applications have limited functionality, resulting in the process of controlling online activities not going as expected. However, there is one app that, based on our observations, is able to answer almost all the needs of parents for maximum monitoring of children’s online activities. The app is FamiSafe screen time app!

Why FamiSafe?

Of course you need to make sure beforehand, why you need to use FamiSafe to control your children’s online activities, especially their screen time since the screen time is the initial indication that someone is doing online activities healthy or not.

FamiSafe can help you to:

1. Keep an eye on the screen time

You can monitor how much your kids spend their time on the screen. You can also find out the specific time span in which they spend the most time surfing the Internet. Knowing that, you can conclude whether they are developing Internet addiction or not. This is a function that helps you make the wisest possible decision. Data never lies!

2. Preset screen time

After you have drawn a conclusion about how your children are doing online activities, you can make the first concrete step, which is to schedule daily or weekly app use, according to their school time, leisure time and sleep time. With FamiSafe you can make scheduling remotely.

3. Block devices

If you find that they are difficult to control and they have even become involved in a severe Internet addiction, then this is the final step you can take. You can block their device until you feel that they can be trusted again to access the Internet. This step is best taken if you want to truly save your children from the ever-lurking dangers of the Internet.

How to initiate surveillance on your children’s screen time?

1. Sign up

You need to register for a FamiSafe account. You can register on the official FamiSafe website or download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Just enter data such as email and follow the next order.

2. Install FamiSafe

Now you need to install the application on your device and your children’s device. Once the application is embedded, it is ready to operate.

3. Just connect

The final step is to connect and manage all the devices that have FamiSafe installed on them. After the connecting process is complete, now you can control all of your children’s online activities through a virtual dashboard or user-friendly web portal.

Features provided by FamiSafe:

– Screen Time: You can control the screen time with this feature and track app usage.
– Geofences: This feature creates specific zones and allows you to receive alerts when your children enter those zones.
– Location History: With this feature you can find out the locations frequently visited by your children.
– Real-time Location: This feature is able to inform you about the real-time location of your children.
– App Blocker: You can block applications that you deem harmful to your children.
– Browser History: You can find out the search history of your children. You can make sure they are actually accessing safe sites.
– Suspicious Photos: This application can block suspicious photos, for example those related to child pornography.
– YouTube Monitor: Although YouTube has filters, this app is often the main doorway for harmful content to your children. With this feature you can monitor your children’s use of YouTube.
– And much more…


FamiSafe is the best answer for any parent who wants maximum protection for their children from the dangers that can be caused by using the Internet. Hopefully this article can help you find the right solution to prevent your children from being exposed to the dangers of the Internet. Thanks for reading!

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