The Ultimate Moving Home Checklist

Moving Home Checklist

We have written some essential points to consider when you are creating a checklist before moving home. As always, I encourage people to write the ‘things to do’ on paper. Moving can be quite overwhelming, so do not rely on memory or your spouse to remember everything that needs to be done!

The tips I have written in this post will help you have a better moving experience, and keep stress to a minimum.

With a checklist, you can prepare a time schedule to carry out important tasks before the big day, when the removal company you have hired will come to move your things.

What you don’t want to happen is losing important things or making mistakes that can cost you more money. Writing the following points on your moving home checklist will help you avoid these issues…

Contact a Removal Company

Don’t procrastinate contacting a removal company. Writing this task at the top of your moving home checklist will help you act quickly.

It is best to contact a removal company to get a quote for moving your belongings to the new location.

With a quote, you can proceed with your plans, if the cost is too high, you can decide to get rid of some stuff to make the removal costs more affordable.

Don’t forget to compare removal costs to get the best deal.

Make a Note to Inform the Post Office of Your Moving Plans

You should not forget to inform the post office to redirect your mail to the new address. It is easy to forget this task, so it must be highlighted on your moving checklist.

Tag Furniture to be Given Away

If you can tag the furniture and other things you want to give away, you can save a lot of time.

Moving home is a great opportunity to change some of your furniture. Instead of throwing the old furniture away, find websites in your community that offer people a chance to give away old pieces to others who need the furniture most.

With tags on the furniture, you can easily keep track of what has been taken away and what’s left behind.

You can also make a note to order new furniture ahead of your moving date so the things you order are delivered without delay.

Switch Gas and Electricity Suppliers

You should make a note to identify the gas and electricity suppliers of the previous resident in the new home you are moving to. If the supplier’s rates are too high, please make a switch before moving to avoid unnecessarily high bills.

Find Out if the New Home is Eligible for a Lower Council Tax Band

Some new homes are grouped under a lower tax bank, but the residents do not know. They continue paying higher tax rates.

You can save money if you discover that your new home is grouped under a lower council tax band.

Make Remodelling Plans

This is a reminder to inspect your new home to see if there is a need for minor remodeling to meet your tastes.

While these tips will go a long way to reduce the pressure of moving, the removal company you use makes all the difference. In Nottingham, provide local and nationwide home removal services. Take advantage of their professional service to help you move to your new home.

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