The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Home Flooring

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Getting new floors installed in a mobile home could be a genuinely enchanting idea, especially when the existing ones are in pretty bad shape. But unfortunately, most mobile home floors are often installed by substandard material or incompetent mobile home flooring service providers. The results are stained, soiled, uneven, or even chipped floors. Naturally, no one would like to have such in their mobile home; thus, this blog comes in handy with all the crucial information to help anyone settle on the best products and technical know-how of flooring mobile homes. 

Tips to Select the Authentic Flooring for any Mobile Home

When it comes to selecting the type of product to use on any given mobile home floor, care has to be given to a number of critical factors. These factors will help an individual make the proper selection and save them in the future when it comes to maintenance. 


No matter what kind of mobile home you have, cost dictates the type of flooring as well as the service one receives. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to a budget to ensure quality flooring material and products are used in a project. One would rather spend a fortune on genuine products and services to avoid future uncalled for maintenance costs, or worse, replacement costs. Be wise!


All mobile homes floors are subjected to plenty of foot traffic, which significantly contribute to the wear and tear of floors. Therefore, durability is a crucial factor when selecting flooring products. In addition, mobile homeowners should choose tiles and products which will stand the test of time when handling all sorts of loadings.


They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, it must be beautiful when choosing the flooring for any mobile home. A wide range of great flooring options could transform any mobile home into a masterpiece. Always settle for a floor tile that complements the original interior of the mobile home.

Methods of Installation

Another essential consideration in mobile home flooring is the installation method used. The mode of installation dictates the durability and the general outcome of the entire flooring procedure. Poor installation practices, majorly from unaccomplished mobile flooring companies, are a sure bet to frequent maintenances, poor aesthetics, and poor outcomes. Therefore, the first step to guarantee a successful flooring outcome for any mobile home is to carefully select a reputable mobile home flooring company with excellent reviews to handle the task at hand. No regrets will be incurred. 

Available Options for Mobile Home Flooring

For owners of mobile homes, having a decent, unique, and quality floor finishing is a must, if not necessary. It is worth noting that vinyl tiling is a top pick as a flooring material owing to its numerous advantages over other materials such as wood. For instance, vinyl tiling is simple to clean, lasts for decades, as well as it is affordable, even for those with the tightest budgets. The two standard mobile home flooring tiles are the Vinyl Composition Tile and the Luxury Vinyl Tile. These tiles have been tested and proved to withstand years of usage with low maintenance and, of course, beauty! 

Vinyl Composition Tile

The Vinyl Composition Tile is an excellent flooring material for RVs owing to its high-grade properties. This type of tile is primarily manufactured from a mixture of vinyl and limestone, carefully installed with adhesive, forming strong bonds between the mixtures to give rise to several desired characteristics.

First, it is durable and long-lasting. This is a result of the great strength it possesses when it comes to handling foot traffic and other loads in mobile homes. Ranging from heavy seats, kitchenware, and other electrical components, the Vinyl Composition Tile can comfortably carry them with no scratches or damages. 

It is also easily replaceable when the need arises. Under the careful hands of a professional, its installation is easy and does not damage the original base. Unlike many flooring materials, the Vinyl Composition Tile blends with the original floor excellently and, when dismantled, leaves minimal damage or markings which can be fixed immediately. 

Finally, it is one of the most pocket-friendly options in the mobile home flooring industry. There are many Vinyl Composition Tiles to choose from depending on the earlier discussed tips for selecting a flooring material. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile

As the name suggests, this type of mobile home flooring material is best known for its unique natural beauty look. It comes in a wide choice of looks ranging from replicating stone to wood. This type of tile delivers exceptional quality at the expense of its slightly higher price. It has the following characteristics that make it a spot as a preferred choice for many.

First, its installation is straightforward when done by a certified professional. It is recommended that spray adhesives be used with this type of flooring tile as it guarantees a firmer bond, faster installation, and promotes uniformity.

The flooring will definitely increase any mobile home’s value due to its luxury status. Increased value means improved sale value should anyone consider putting up their RV for sale. 

Also, this flooring type is most preferred because of its flexibility. As many people will opt to customize their RVs to meet their needs, this flooring will come in handy to blend with all the customizations. In addition, it works well with any bends, curves, or irregular shapes that may come about during the entire setup. 

In conclusion, no matter the choice of materials you get for your mobile home, getting it from a reliable source is another step to doing flooring correctly. Armed with the critical tips of acquiring and doing mobile home flooring, anyone can comfortably select a preferred tile and the mode of installation for maximum benefit. The Vinyl Composition Tile and the Luxury Vinyl Tile take an early lead when it comes to quality, ease of installation, and durability. It all comes down to an individual’s taste and preference!

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