The Ultimate ClickFunnels Review – Should You Use This Funnel

clickfunnels review

Are you looking to add funnels to your website? Many believe that Clickfunnels is the best medium for creating high converting funnels, so we thought we’d carry out our own Clickfunnels review (

If you are looking for a sales funnel, ClickFunnels is arguably the software to choose. In terms of costing, you can expect to pay around $99 a month. The funnels that they use have been rigorously tested and are fairly easy to use – even for a novice! One of the features I liked was when ClickFunnels was able to stop certain funnels that are not converting. It will only keep active those funnels that are generating you sales or conversions. This is a great option to use.

When creating your own funnels, all you need to do is to add your own pictures and text, and they are ready to go. There is no complicated coding to get your head around, so ClickFunnels is suitable for novices as well as professionals alike.

Clickfunnels has a wide range of sales options to pick from. So, there are good options available if you would like to host a webinar for example, or even increasing the number of people signing up to your email list. Clickfunnels will have a funnel to help you meet these challenges.

When creating funnels, there is only a 6-step process to follow…

  1. Select a funnel type
  2. Choose a template that matches your design
  3. Add images or text to personalize the funnel
  4. Add products to the funnel and double check that all your email and payment integrations are correctly setup
  5. Set a domain name (what is a domain name?)
  6. And you’re ready to go!

The setup process can be completed within minutes.

The $99/month cost may seem quite expensive, but you will not need any further expenditure hiring coders, or even website designers to set up these funnels for you. The plug and play functionality will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

We also liked the way their affiliate program works. It is a program to be trusted, and you will be surprised how well it can work. They are able to offer a generous 5% to 2-tier commissions for referring webmasters to the ClickFunnels affiliate program itself. There is the chance to get up to 40% commission by selling other products that ClickFunnels offers such as “Software Secrets” and “Dotcom Secrets”. It’s really cool how they offer $500 towards a “dream car”, if you manage to get 100 active referrals.

So, what are you waiting for. Get started with ClickFunnels here now!

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