The Top Features You Need from a Good Call Tracking Software

call tracking software

Does your business need an effective way to get more clients? Why not focus on the ones you are missing out on then first? A call tracking software tracks the source of phone calls by assigning unique numbers to each ad in marketing channels and campaigns. There are different call tracking providers, such as, but when you choose one, they should have the following fundamental features…

Dynamic Phone Number Insertion

This is one of the most necessary features of call tracking software. It swaps the numbers from a pool of phone numbers, thus connecting the incoming calls to specific sources. Dynamic swapping of phone numbers helps track the origin of incoming calls from a specific ad or marketing campaign. A
unique phone number will be assigned to each source or website.
When a visitor reaches a business’s website through these sources, the tracking number is displayed along with the phone number. This is stored in your call tracking analytics for further review. So every time the user visits your website, they will see the same dynamic number, which ensures that there won’t be any confusion if the user visits from a different source. The brand would stay consistent throughout every source.

call tracking

Easy Integration

Instead of replacing your already present software, call tracking software should be able to integrate with your tools easily, avoiding the time and effort spent in reinstallation. It should enhance the existing analytics platform, thus giving a complete picture of your marketing ROI. Integrating with marketing automation platforms and ad serving platforms supplies dynamic numbers into the ads, and supports campaign attribution. Call tracking software can even integrate with social media platforms like Facebook, for targeting additional audiences and attribution. Integrating with marketing performance management tools is necessary for performance coaching and reporting call tracking apps.

Call Recording

This is an essential feature for the assurance of call quality. You can analyze how well the agent handles the customer calls by recording their call conversations. When combined with additional tools like speech analytics, it can help assess the customer service provided. The feature becomes helpful when there is a lead quality issue, helping you confirm that only quality leads are driven into your business. It provides you with leads for improving the marketing strategy and training your agents to follow specified standards of the company. This feature automatically classifies leads, providing more time to focus on ones that lead to probable sales. The quality of the campaigns could be assessed so that you know where to invest time and money. The agents and the sales reps can be provided with feedback on their performance after listening to the sales call recordings. The service levels can be evaluated, ensuring excellent customer support.
As there are several laws regarding call recording, checking the State and Federal laws is recommended before using this feature.

call recordings

Call Transcription

This is an advanced call tracking feature which only some call tracking softwares provide. Call transcription (more here) is particularly useful when one doesn’t have time to listen to the call recordings. All records are transcribed into a short summary so you can read the call conversations. These insights can be used to inform the landing pages, lead scoring, etc.

Multi-Channel Attribution Tracking

Since businesses today focus on reaching customers through various sources like TV, internet, phones, digital and print ads, videos, podcasts, etc., call tracking allows these interactions with customers to be attributed to their specific sources. This helps in tracking the entire journey of the customer that leads to the call. Only the first channel through which the customer came through can be seen without the multi-channel attribution.
However, with this feature, every touchpoint, including the marketing campaign that drove the customer to the website, the sites they interacted with, even the last action they took before calling, can be seen. This data can help in campaign optimization and knowing which marketing channels
lead to phone calls. The entire customer lifecycle can be viewed by enabling multi-channel attribution. One can get a complete understanding of client behavior, maximize the budget to yield better ROI, and provide clients with proof of marketing campaigns that were successful.

Keyword-Level Tracking

This selects the keywords to be tagged in the calls, which helps the optimization of content and product strategy. The keywords can also be useful in ensuring that the sales team prepares the correct collateral for their call. This feature reports and analyzes driving keywords in the majority of your calls and conversations. It’s extremely useful for tracking the success of the PPC campaigns. By analyzing the keywords that are the driving source for most calls, the marketer can understand their marketing efforts that are working fine, and the ones that need improvement.

keyword level tracking

Other common call tracking features to look out for while choosing your call tracking provider would include: caller intelligence, intelligent call routing, sales and service guidance, reporting dashboards, lead scoring, in-call analytics, call conversion tracking, and sales and service performance analytics.

For advice on finding the best call tracking software, this article offers more advice.

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