The Smartest Automatic Pet Door with AI To Keep Your Furry Friends Safe

People are obsessed with their pets; be it a hamster or a great dane, the pets will always be the babies of their families. And this lies true for the Americans too where the said obsession is increasing with each passing day. Millennials are the biggest share of pet owners in the United States (32 percent), followed by Baby Boomers (27 percent), according to Statista. However, their pet’s safety is always a worry as the owners aren’t able to be present at all times. This is where the traditional pet flap doors come in. But a big problem with the flap doors is that they give an easy entry to pets or stray animals which can lead to multiple setbacks.

Notably, approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States. Also, an estimated 59000 people die annually from rabies and bites from dogs on planet earth, especially children. These numbers are flabbergasting and staggering.

Focussing on the seriousness of the issue, Petvation invented a smart automatic door for our pets and pet owners. In the contemporary world where we are surrounded by everything automated, Petvation has brought forth a solution for the pet owners whose pets cannot resist leaving the house time and again. 

With cutting-edge facial recognition technology, Petvation allows safe entry and exit from the house. The groundbreaking facial feature blocks the unknown animal in the neighborhood from entering the house simultaneously. This feature also determines the type of animal as and when it approaches the door and acts as a barricade. 

The pet owners can now sit back and relax as the smart door is the ultimate solution to the safety of their children and themselves to evade the entry of unwanted guests lurking in a corner of their houses. 

Regular maintenance of the door flap, natural wear and tear, and additional factors also add to the additional cost to the pocket of the pet owners. Petvation’s smart door evades this expenditure permanently from the mind of the pet owners.

Petvation has built a high-tech app that allows users to control the door on their smart gadget from anywhere. With the features to control and adjust timings, the users can decide the enter and exit timings of their pets. The extra sensors and unbeatable technology ensure that the pet is not near the door before closing. In addition, the super quiet vertical lift door is built with aluminum hinges and a super quiet motor that eliminates the infuriating sounds as the door opens and closes. As a brilliant add-on, each time the pet enters or exits, the owner receives a notification. Yes, that means that the owner can monitor the pet’s activity round the clock. 

An exceptional technology ready to break ground with a significant presence on Kickstarter, Eric Jiang, CEO of Petvation, said, “Pet technology today remains insufficient and inexcusably behind the needs of their problems compared with that of human tech? With more than ten years of experience in the home appliance industry, our mission is to open the door to new possibilities in the smart pet appliance world.” 

Petvation is all set to solve problems faced by flap pet door owners. Delivering a turnkey solution for pet owners troubled by pets who look forward to leaving the house repeatedly, the smart door is built with elite facial recognition technology that can even differentiate between a cat and a dog. Keeping other animals at bay, Petvation is focused on providing unmatched safety for the pet and family. The AI door comes with an app that enables the user to control the door from anywhere, and anytime through a smartphone. 

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