The Most Special Wedding Decoration Ideas

Your wedding day is meant to be the most special day of your life and you inevitably want the venue to reflect this. Whether you want to convey subtle elegance or an extravagant showstopper, there is an array of decorations out there to embellish your venue. 


Perhaps the most classic of decorations is wedding flowers. Flowers are completely versatile and can be adapted to suit any style you are after. With a variety of types, colours, and presentations, you will never be short of choice with flowers. Whether they classically sit atop a table, elegantly frame the archway, or beautifully cover the walls, flowers are the perfect candidate to ornament your venue.


Chandeliers will stunningly illuminate your venue in a sparkly and ornate fashion, putting your wedding on par with Cinderella’s. A chandelier will be an unforgettable component both to you and your guests and will feel like a fairy-tale.

Blossom Trees

Blossom is both beautiful and symbolic of spring: the season of new beginnings. Blossom is a perfect way to encapsulate the beginning of you and your spouse’s wonderful life together.

A Rustic Crate Display

A crate display is a minimal and unique way to decorate your wedding venue and display any flowers or frames. Mismatched crates evoke an organic vibe which is perfect for the demure couple who wish for an understated design.

Starlit Ceilings

There is nothing more romantic than dancing under the stars and with a starlit ceiling you can create this magic indoors. This will create a filmic, romantic first dance that will make for stunning wedding photos.

Paper Lanterns and Honeycomb Lanterns

If you want to bring a splash of colour to your venue, lanterns are a great way to achieve this. This fills the ceiling with an array of colours, both brightening up and illuminating your space.

Silver Candelabra

Candelabra is a great way to incorporate some class and elegance into your table display. You can keep them modest or alternatively decorate them with beads and flowers for a more ornamental finish.

Stylish Ceilings

Draping fabric across the ceiling makes for a simply pretty and airy space. Light, neutral colours retain a glamorous and breezy feel throughout the venue.


Garlands create a fairy’s paradise, turning your wedding venue into a magical enclosure. Whimsical foliage is the ideal decoration to convey a romantic ambience. 


One simple and affordable decoration is bunting. Not only this, but bunting screams celebration, making your wedding the event of the year. Furthermore, you could always invest in customised bunting to make it a personal keepsake of your special day.

Oversized Letters

Oversized letters are a great way to place yourself and your spouse at the centre of the ceremony and are suited to any theme. They are very defining features and will be sure to lure your guests over to the dancefloor.

Laden Tables

Weddings can be a busy day so tables laden with cheeses, chutneys, crackers, and cakes will be greatly appealing to your guests. This will be particularly true of the guests who might have had a bit too much champagne; food will be a lifesaver. 

Fairy Lights

Another simple yet effective decoration is fairy lights; these can be wrapped around pillars or draped across the ceilings. Either way, they will create a romantic glow in any venue.

Table Runners

Whether silk or hessian, table runners are a great way to embellish the standard table in your wedding venue. This will invite your guests to gather around your table and indulge in your delicious wedding feast.


Everyone wants an unforgettable wedding and with the right decoration, you can ensure that your wedding will leave an imprint in your guests’ minds.

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