“The Microchip That Ruined Halloween”

The film “The Microchip That Ruined Halloween,” directed by Miriam Bavly, is full of suspense, thrills, twists, horror, and laughter. This movie by BreakOut Music, features many great actors, social media influencers, reality show stars, and radio personalities who will keep you hooked throughout.

The movie differs from traditional horror movies, which are all about death, blood and violence. When watching “The Microchip That Ruined Halloween”, you will go through different emotions like nervousness, shock, awe, and anxiousness until the very end…

Plot Summary

“The Microchip That Ruined Halloween” starts with a prison psychiatrist, Dr. Judy Kreplach, who is planning to insert a microchip into a prisoner (played by Torae Carr) without letting other people know. The role of Dr. Kreplach is played by Jackie Hoffman.

After inserting the microchip, she allows the prisoner to become part of society once more. At first, everything is going well. The prisoner, Robert Kewass, joins a college, and starts living his life like a normal person. Disaster strikes, and the inserted microchip develops a fault. As a result, the prisoner experiences several unexpected changes in his life, before causing an unexpected disaster on Halloween night, consisting of several suspenseful, thrilling, and funny events that will leave you shocked!

More Details About the Movie

Director: Miriam Bavly

Writer: Peter John

Producer: Peter John and Miriam Bavly

Composer: Jayq

Production company: BreakOut Music

Release date: Fall 2022

Genre: Comedy Thriller


  • Jackie Hoffman played the role of Dr. Judy Kreplach
  • Princess Love played the role of Sidney
  • Jimmy Palumbo played the role of Commissioner Boo Darly
  • Terrell Carter played the role of Barry Bryant
  • Miguel Nunez Jr. played the role of Dean Ono Pointdexter
  • Kathleen Hogan played the role of Linda Wharton
  • Torae Carr played the role of Robert Kewass
  • Headkrack played the role of Radio Announcer
  • Special K played the role of Shade
  • Angela Stribling played the role of Reporter 1

“The Microchip That Ruined Halloween” will be released in the fall of 2022. So get ready…

About BreakOut Music

BreakOut Music was created in 2019 by CEOs Miriam Bavly and Peter John.

BreakOut Music is a specialist full-service production house and music label, which focuses on the production of romantic comedy and drama, as well as horror, action, and fantasy films.

Miriam Bavly, who studied at Harvard, and graduated with a BA and MS, brings a wealth of experience in terms of strategic planning, as well as industry experience in media and film production.

Her co-CEO, Peter John, is an entertainment lawyer by profession, and is also a well respected artist himself, who has also represented many different artists in huge million-dollar deals. He brings a wealth of experience with his music business skills.

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