The Infrastructure of Residential Complexes in 2022. What Will It Be Like?

The real estate market directly depends on living standards. Every year the residential house requirements increase. They concern not only comfort in apartments, but also all infrastructure of residential complexes.

Experts say that the developed infrastructure of modern residential complexes is an initiative of the developers themselves. Wanting to meet the needs of the most demanding buyers, they sell housing for the future. So, what will be the infrastructure of residential complexes in 2022?

Modern building codes identify a number of elements that must be present in any new residential complex. These include:

  • children’s playgrounds and sports grounds;
  • recreation areas;
  • parking or parking lots;
  • convenient inter-house passages;
  • wheelchair and inventory rooms;
  • large halls with lounge areas.

Today it is difficult to imagine modern residential complexes without comfortable and safe play areas, sports areas with safe coverage, and play equipment made of environmentally friendly materials. The level of arrangement of such territories will only increase.

Parking spaces will be mandatory. After all, today the car is an indispensable means of transportation and an attribute of modern business life.

An important factor that will determine the direction of the development of infrastructure of residential complexes is security. An example is the Bas-IP intercom system, which is now used in many residential complexes all over the world. The system provides the ability to control access to the entrance, yard, and parking both from home and remotely – from a smartphone.

Among the new buildings, there is a noticeable tendency for unusual architectural solutions. More and more people are paying attention to the aesthetics of housing. Therefore, developers will offer houses not only comfortable but also beautiful. That’s why BAS-IP intercom company pays a lot of attention to the design of its outdoor panels.

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