The Incredible Power of Ray Tracing with Minecraft RTX

If you are a Minecraft fan, you will be interested in the visual evolution that Minecraft RTX brings to improve your experience. You will feel that you enter an improved world where you will visualize the textures and elements of nature with more detail.

The difference with the basic version of the game is abysmal, and many players and fans are taking full advantage of it. This graphics card allows the game to look much more realistic, with lighting details that improve gameplay.

Now we will show you all the wonders that the RTX card brings with it inside Minecraft, with all its details.

General aspects of the RTX card

The main element of this video card is ray tracing, as its name “Ray Tracing” indicates. It is a technology that allows you to give a sense of reality to 3D virtual environments, such as reflections and lighting.

Since Microsoft’s announcement in 2019, this technology has been expected to version the game on Windows 10. In addition, the experience is significantly improved since low-performance graphics have always characterized Minecraft.

The Minecraft Shaders represented a great novelty and evolution in terms of improvements in visualizations and textures. Some Shaders do not achieve much visual difference in the game when activated, but with RTX, it is noticeable.

A clear example is the videos of the famous players to their followers, where they show the difference with the improvement. Even from NVIDIA’s website, we can notice how the scenarios change when activating the RTX graphics card.

This difference is achieved because RTX focuses on improving visual environments, making them more realistic for perception. And this works in conjunction with the game’s Render Dragon technology, which already established in-game visual enhancements.

That’s why it’s well worth venturing into this evolution and achieving visual growth in the game. Currently, many gamers take into account the graphics of video games to determine their quality and success.

And as Minecraft became one of the top games of the time, this addition allows it to grow exponentially. In addition, now it will be able to address the visual weakness it was previously criticized for.

Minimum requirements

Minecraft is a game that doesn’t need that much performance for its basic versions compared to other more complex games. However, since it is a complete visual improvement, this time, it does require more advanced elements.

First of all, as a minimum and recommended requirement, the computer must run Windows 10 as its operating system. After all, Microsoft is the company that promoted the implementation of this visual enhancement, taking advantage of its products and services.

Regarding the necessary processor, the minimum requirement is an Intel Core i3-560 or an AMD Phenom II X4 805. However, the recommended Intel Core i5-4670K or an AMD FX-8370 offers more comfort and performance than the minimums.

The game will not show the display enhancements if you do not have the RTX graphics card on your computer. For example, an AMD RX Vega 64 or an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 can meet the minimum visualization needs.

To achieve a better performance, AMD Radeon VII or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is recommended. As you can see, Radeon and RTX technology are present on the cards to apply game enhancement.

The minimum required RAM of the equipment is 4GB, although the recommended for the game is about 8GB. The higher this memory is, the faster the game will perform, reducing the chances of freezing.

Finally, it is necessary to have 10GB available on the hard disk to store the information and data of the game. These are all the minimum and recommended requirements to play the game.

Improvements in the game

The first change that is noticeable with the use of the RTX graphics card is the lighting of the scenarios. Several well-known game programmers have created worlds with visual characteristics that are perceived with the RTX card.

An example of this is how the sky is perceived outside, which has much more illumination and brightness. In addition, more realistic shadows are generated on surfaces, and landscapes are more detailed because of the quality of the graphics.

Water textures have also improved, giving it a much more realistic look, with transparency in its composition. As a result, natural lights have more projection and rays are more defined, for example, through windows.

On the other hand, there are building blocks, which look more defined and affect structures and constructions. The surfaces of the blocks give the appearance of being much more detailed, an example being wooden blocks.

Artificial lighting is more powerful, allowing enclosed places to be viewed with greater detail and depth. There are also the colours, which are more vivid, giving more beauty in the spaces of all the modified worlds.

Minecraft Shaders have long improved the quality of graphics, but this is a major improvement. However, to appreciate these changes, it is necessary to enter specific worlds with these features in their graphics.

It is a very striking improvement for those who like to design large structures and various exotic landscapes within the game. Undoubtedly, it presents a great attraction in the visual theme.

How to access Minecraft with RTX?

First, you must have purchased and installed the game on the computer to play. Second, it must be the Bedrock version, which includes all the versions that are only compatible with Windows 10.

It is important to meet the hardware and software requirements that we explain to work properly. In case of missing items, the game may not open, show errors or close between games.

First, open the game launcher, entering the Installations option to see details of modifications and versions. The Snapshots section must be activated, where you can find all those experimental updates to test new elements and additions.

Then, you only need to run the last available Snapshot to enter to enjoy this new card. It is a very easy process that only needs to meet the minimum equipment requirements for the game to work.

An important aspect is that Windows 10 must be 64 bits to be compatible with the game. However, Minecraft is available from the Windows Apps and Programs Store, where it can be purchased without any problem.

There is also the option to create worlds with RTX, but you need to download a resource pack that allows this. In addition, the package must support Ray Tracing, which allows you to design structures and environments with the new visualizations available.

As long as each of the steps we explained is fulfilled, you can play Minecraft RTX with the new graphics. What remains is to enjoy the experience to the fullest.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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