The Importance of Cleaning the Headlights on Your Car

Importance of Cleaning the Headlights on your Car

Headlights are an important part of your car assuring good visibility in nighttime and low light conditions and also allows you to be seen and avoid collisions.

Maintaining the headlights clean will increase your safety and the overall look of your car, according to

Without good lighting and a functional lighting system, you will not be able to drive at night and in bad weather, when is no visibility.

When the car is new the headlights have a lean and bright light but while the years pass being exposed to various agents and weather conditions the top layers of the headlight glass will oxidize, turn yellow or get scratches.

When the light is not as clear or has a yellow tone it means that your headlights are becoming foggy.

Even the thick plastic poly-carbonate compound from which the headlight is made is durable and strong it is sensible to prolonged exposure to UV lights.

The UV light will provoke degradation due to exposure in the superficial layers of the lenses and determine the material to absorb more blue light and emit weak yellow light instead.

Headlights Cleaning Products

Seeing the importance of cleaning the headlights we will need to use products specially designed to clean foggy headlight lenses.

For these purposes, we have special Headlight Restoration and Repair Kits that will provide all the important compounds and tools to help you restore your headlights and make them look like brand new.

To do a proper job cleaning your headlights, say CarWow, you do not need many tools so we can enumerate what you can use with ease.

You will need a cleaning Kit for headlights , microfiber towels and cloths, protection gloves, water, soft  bristle brush, and a mild cleanser.

It is better to prepare all you need before starting to restore the headlights and have all you need close at hand.

Cleaning Steps to Restore Headlights

          1. Washing the headlights to remove any debris is important in preparing your headlights to be restored so use a mild cleaner on a damp microfiber towel to wipe all dust, debris, and dirt particle.

 A thorough rinse and a good wipe down is important to leave the surface perfectly clean and dry for the next step.

         2. Apply the restoring solution on the headlights and leave it to activate and work on the surface.

         3. Remove the cleansing solution with a brush by making circular motions on the surface of the lenses

         4.Rinse any remaining excess solution with water and clean cloth or towels and dry with a dry piece of cloth by buffing and then polishing the area.


In these simple steps, you can restore the new look of your headlights and their full functionality without spending a lot of money and time.

With the help of professional products and specially designed kits your job will be easy and will get great results. Head over to now!



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