The Impact of Plagiarism on Information Technology

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Plagiarism and information technology have a very close relation. As the information technology is evolving, the plagiarism is reducing.

The machines are becoming smarter and artificially intelligent to avoid any plagiarism. This article discusses the impact of plagiarism on information technology.

What is Plagiarism?

Write before we get started with the impacts, it is important to understand what plagiarism is. Plagiarism is the scholarly way of stealing someone’s ideas, piece of writing or original thought.

It is not to be taken lightly as it is a serious offense which is punished in every form. The writer whose content is caught with plagiarism does not just lose the reputation but loses money and has a permanent record of plagiarism.

Before technology, the plagiarism was hard to find and it was normal for students to copy their senior’s work without anyone even noticing.

But as the technology evolved, it became harder to plagiarize someone else’s work.

There are different fields of writing where plagiarism can occur like:

  • Students assignments
  • Research papers
  • E-books
  • Online web content
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Ads


How are Information Technology and Plagiarism Related?

There is a lot of written content available online and on offline databases. Every writer contributes its thoughts by writing unique content and putting in efforts.

Stealing someone’s work and getting credit for it is no less than stealing actual money from someone. It is also considered a fraud as the content is redistributed amongst other people telling them that it’s theirs.

Which is counted as defrauding those people.

With so many websites online, it is becoming easier to plagiarize content. Here are some ways plagiarism has been impacted by the information technology:

Easier Access to Information:

It was hard before to find some relative content by going through all the books and papers. People usually gave up trying to copy from someone else and rather invested their time in creating their own content.

But as the information technology is evolving, it is becoming easier to access all kinds of information and using it according to their will.

Whether it is a book, a quote or a paragraph that you are required to write, you can always find something relative on the internet making it easier to copy.

Checking Plagiarism:

Checking plagiarism has been made easier with technology as well. As the technology evolved, so did all their practices and algorithms.

New algorithms are developed every day to avoid plagiarism and to check plagiarism across different platforms like prepostseo, plagly, etc.

Social Media:

Social media has a huge impact on plagiarism. If versed correctly, the social plagiarism feeds off social media and there is a lot of different kinds of plagiarism that you will find there.

  • Textual plagiarism
  • Pictorial plagiarism
  • Plagiarism in videos
  • Plagiarism in audio
  • Plagiarism in ideas

Impact of Plagiarism on Information Technology:

Information has changed plagiarism a lot and it has brought new problems along with new solutions. But plagiarism has a strong influence on information technology as well.

As information technology has forced plagiarism and its ways to change, plagiarism has had the same effect on information technology.

Search Engines Ranking (The Problem):

Search engines are constantly evolving in an effort to make their platforms secure. They try to find the original content, which was posted initially and the plagiarized content which was posted after to find out the original websites.

They also provide ranks to the websites on their platforms using these algorithms. New research is always going on to improve the search engines and their plagiarism detection to help keep the community safe.

Plagiarism Checkers (The Solution):

Plagiarism checking tools are available online. While the search engines are doing their work keeping the community safe, you need to do your research as well to avoid any inconvenience later as well.

There are multiple online plagiarism checking tools online which help you to check your content.

These plagiarism checkers are not just for the people working online but they are the best friends of all the people in academics as well.

How do Plagiarism Checkers Work?

If you are wondering what a plagiarism checker is and how it works, well, a plagiarism checker checks all the websites online and the offline databases to find possible matches to your content.

It can be used even on the original content to see if your idea or words have already been submitted on the internet.

It might seem a little to odd to hear that it checks all of the websites online to match the results but it is true.

There are multiple other tools who check every line, word and pattern of your writing to find out where the content was copied from.

Who can Use Plagiarism Checkers?

If you are a writer and wish to keep your record clean and produce good quality content, then a plagiarism checker is for you.

To be more precise, the plagiarism checkers work ideally for everyone who wishes to remove or detect plagiarism from their content.

Here are some of the roles in daily life that can benefit the most from plagiarism checkers:

  • Teacher: To check the assignments of students and check how unique it is.
  • Students: Even if you visited several sites online for inspiration, there are possibilities that you might have plagiarized your content unconsciously. It helps you detect it so you can remove it before submitting.
  • Bloggers: Every blogger needs some inspiration and internet is the best place for it. But with so many blogs already written online, there are chances of there being some accidental plagiarism but the search engines are not going to be forgiving about it.

Using a plagiarism checker will help you.

  • E-book writers: E-books are the future of our generation and it cannot be plagiarized. The plagiarism checking tools help find out plagiarism in your books before you send them off to your publisher.
  • Academician: Academic papers and files are too important to be left without checking for plagiarism. The plagiarism checkers will help you do so.

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