The First Real Free PDF Editor for Mac and Windows – UPDF

Finding a decent and affordable program to edit PDF documents is something students and workers both struggle with. There are many free PDF editors on the internet, but the provided tools are limited. One could also choose to invest in a quality program, but PDF editors on the market are expensive. The solution to this common problem is right here. Now, UPDF is an entirely free and beautifully effective program with all the essential tools needed to edit a PDF.

  1.  UPDF Provides Text and Image Editing Tools

UPDF is a free PDF editor that provides text and image editing tools so documents can be at their best. It has font controls, which can change the text to the color, size, and style that fits a creators’ needs or wants. Whether it’s an important paper with specific formatting or a personal project in need of a little flare, free font controls are essential tools.

In addition, UPDF gives access, unrestricted by price, to edit PDF content. This feature lets work be completed with perfection and confidence. While some PDF editors may restrict the free experience to viewing, UPDF gives room to revise projects.

Also, this program is capable of editing the photos within a document, whether a creator needs to adjust the size, the format, or replace an image. This is helpful for projects that require visual aids and appealing formats, like a PDF detailing the proposed specifications for a new building. When one can look over their paper, edit the text, and adjust text and image formatting, work life becomes a more convenient event.

  1. Full PDF Annotating and Viewing Capabilities are Provided

This PDF program gives access to several helpful annotating tools, so creators can animate documents and organize their thoughts. One helpful feature is the text markup tool. This item equips creators with several tools to review a PDF, including the highlight, strikethrough, and underlining functions.

Another beneficial component is the program’s convenient navigation abilities. This includes bookmarks and a tabbed view so one can multitask at their best. This free PDF editor is also comprised of a useful commenting system (here is another free editor from Docfly). Creators have the ability to add digital sticky notes, stamps, text boxes, e-signatures, and more. Commenting functions make communication easier as a document in progress is digitally passed between group members. For example, let’s say several students are working together on a group research project. As they review their lengthy research paper, the document is emailed between group member several times. They use UPDF to create comments, so there is little miscommunication and the paper is finished effectively and mistake free. Not to mention, the group was able to complete this project without price restrictions. As such, the free annotating and viewing capabilities of UPDF leads to effective teamwork and organized thinking, essential steps for success.

  1. Organize  and Adjust Your PDF Pages with Ease

UPDF allows users to rearrange pages in PDF and manipulate documents so they can be organized. This free program allows for the reordering, deleting, and extracting of pages. With the ability to arrange pages within a document, creators can customize their PDF to their needs. This can be extremely helpful if a worker’s boss, for example, wants to see the graphs from a lengthy financial report. The worker could easily extract the graph pages from the rest of the report. As a result, their meeting with their boss is made that much easier. In addition, this editing program allows creator’s to adjust the page range of their files. They will have the option to change the size of the pages to either odd, even, landscape, or portrait. Whether in a career or school, everything has its ups and downs. The ability to adjust a document to one’s needs makes success easier and UPDF is there to make this happen.

PDF creators everywhere struggle to discover a quality, free PDF editor (check out this list from Tom’s Guide). Fortunately, there is now a program that fits both of those requirements. UPDF is a costless program with full text and image editing abilities. It provides numerous annotating tools and unlimited viewing capabilities. This PDF editor gives creators everything they need to keep their documents organized and adjustable. Not to mention, this program is still growing. In the future, UPDF will have several new, powerful features including OCR, PDF conversion, PDF forms, and signing tools. Regardless of your PDF editing needs, UPDF is here to make your document creating process easy and free. If you are in need of an entirely free PDF editor with all the tools needed of success, sign up today!

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