The Essential Guide to Fascinator & Outfit Pairing


Fascinators are one of the most elegant ways to top off an outfit. And they’re not only reserved for derbies anymore. We’re seeing them everywhere, from weddings to garden parties. They’re a staple of the times, and if you’re struggling to pair your newly bought fascinator with an outfit, we’ve got you covered.

We have tips for you on pairing everything from an oversized fascinator to a small fascinator clip. It’s a lot easier than you may think, and a fascinator can be the one thing missing from your outfit. From form-fitting dresses to a skirt and blouse ensemble, fascinators can be paired with endless outfits. It just takes a bit of creativity and inspiration.

For that inspiration you may be looking for, here is our essential guide to pairing your fascinator with your outfit.

Oversized Fascinator

Oversized fascinators are tricky. They’re one of the largest accessories you can add to your outfit, so it’s easy to overdo an outfit when you’re dealing with an oversized fascinator. You need to strike a proper balance in order to have an outfit that is not too flashy.

When you choose an oversized fascinator, we recommend going for a simple dress or skirt and blouse. The fascinator will be the main piece of your outfit, so there is no need to go for a flashy outfit. If your oversized fascinator is brightly colored, it’s best to either go for a monotone look with an outfit of the same color or choose a white or black outfit.

Oversized fascinators make perfect derby hats or Easter hats, and are a great option for weddings, baby showers, day parties, and so much more. Don’t be intimidated by the size of these fascinators as they are a great addition to a variety of outfits. 

Pillbox Fascinator

Pillbox fascinators have stood the test of time. The classic pillbox hat dates back to the 1930s. The style is based on a military hat of ancient Rome and was made popular by millineries in the 30s.

Pillbox fascinators are a play on this familiar style. A pillbox fascinator often is smaller than the classic pillbox hat and incorporates the traditional round hat top. It’s also common that this type of fascinator features a veil, flowers, or other accents on top of it. We often see veils incorporate pearls, jewels, and other accessories.

Pillbox fascinators are a great pick because there are plenty of outfit choices to choose from. They go great with peplum dresses, wrap dresses, evening dresses, and so much more. They are more on the formal side, so we recommend pairing these fascinators with an outfit for a formal event. Whether it’s a holiday party, the ballet, or a gallery opening, a pillbox fascinator should be your first choice.

Clip Fascinator

Clip fascinators are the most versatile option we’ve discussed. Clip fascinators are often simple and easily slide into your hair. They can sometimes come in a comb style to allow for easy incorporation into your hairstyle. Clip fascinators can be anything from a bedazzled crystal barrette to a small rounded hat.

These are the most versatile options because they can be paired with a variety of outfits. Since they are often small, feel free to wear patterned outfits that incorporate the color of your clip. If it’s a crystal fascinator clip, think about going for a sparkly dress or outfit. If your clip has floral accents, seek out a dreamy floral outfit. They’re great for a variety of events and even just a quick night out. There are endless possibilities when you choose to go with a simple clip fascinator.

Fascinator with Decoration

Fascinators with decoration is a rather broad subset of fascinators. What we mean when we discuss this category is any fascinator with decor on top.

Fascinators are notorious for their loud accessories. We’ve all seen the infamous pictures from Prince William and Kate’s wedding – there are no boundaries with fascinator design. They incorporate everything from veils to feathers to intricate floral designs. We’ve seen fascinators with feathers, pearls, and much more.

Since fascinators with any type of decoration are rather intricate, we suggest going for a simpler outfit choice. Go for a form-fitting dress or simple wrap dress if you choose this type of fascinator. For an evening event, we recommend a form-fitting evening dress. For a day event, we recommend a neutral-toned sundress.

Headband Fascinator

Headband fascinators are a comfortable alternative to fascinators that must be clipped in to be secured. Instead of a clip or comb attachment, headband fascinators utilize a traditional headband to secure to any hairstyle. Many of the headband attachments are thin, so it’s simple to conceal the band, and you don’t have to alter your hairstyle.

Headband fascinators come in a variety of styles. They can incorporate any decorations from feathers to floral designs. Therefore, it is really up to you what you want to wear with these fascinators. As always, we recommend wearing a simple outfit if your fascinator is more intricate. If you go the other route, wear whatever evening or daywear you were thinking, just as long as it matches!

Overall, the choice is solely your own. Get inspired and pick out the outfit of your dreams. Chances are if you’re wearing a fascinator, it’s for a special event, so be sure to find the perfect outfit. If you’re looking to stand out, go for that oversized fascinator look. If you’re looking for something elegant and classy, the pillbox fascinator is a must.

Fascinators are really the best way to express your fashion, so don’t hold back. Create that perfect outfit and own the party!



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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