The Easy Steps to Making a GIF from a Youtube Video

Youtube GIF maker

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is becoming very popular among a lot of individuals and it is not a surprise to see that a lot of videos are being converted to this type of format. The most popular GIFs are the animated version because they are commonly used on the various social media platforms to pass different messages (mostly funny). Understanding the use of GIFs can drive a lot of traffic to your social media pages and make them popular.

If you have been thinking of using GIFs for your social media pages or other reasons and have been wondering how you can convert some of your favorite Youtube videos into captivating and hilarious GIFs, this is the right article for you. In some few and easy steps, we are going to put you through how to create animated GIFs from Youtube videos and use them to enhance the popularity of your pages.

Before we begin the lesson proper, you must know that to convert Youtube videos to GIFs, you have to make use of some specialized applications or converters which have been designed for such purposes. There are a lot of applications or converters you can use to convert Youtube videos to GIFs. Some of them are:

• Giphy


• Convert 2 Go

• Imgur

• Cute Video to GIF Converter

All of the following sites and converters would do a job in converting your Youtube videos to GIFs, but the way they operate differs from each other, and there are some that does better jobs of converting videos to GIFs than the others.

How to Convert Youtube Videos to GIFs

For the purpose of this article, we shall be focusing on how Giphy can be used to convert Youtube videos into GIFs. The whole process is easy, straight forward and explained in a few steps below.

• First Step The first thing to do is identify a video you would like to get converted to a GIF and copy the URL attached to it.

• Second Step The next thing to do is to visit on your computer or any other device. Once you have accessed the site, click on the create button on the topmost right corner (it is usually in blue icon).

• Third Step After you have clicked on the create button, it would lead you to another page where you will see a box where you can paste the URL you have copied from the Youtube. You should paste your copied URL in the box and it will take you straight to another page.

• Fourth Step At this page, you will be presented with the option to choose the start time and duration of your GIF. Once you have successfully done this, click on continue to decorate button and this would take you to the page where you can add memes, subtitles, captions and any other thing that you wish to add to your GIFs.

• Fifth Step After putting the final decorative features in your GIF, click on continue to upload. After doing this, wait for a few seconds and your GIF would be ready. Once your GIF has come out great with everything you desire in it, you can proceed to upload it on the Giphy page by clicking on the ‘upload to GIPHY’ button. Once you have successfully uploaded your GIF to the Giphy homepage, you can start sharing and uploading it on your social media pages.

The beautiful thing about creating a GIF through Giphy is that, the process is fast and easy to understand. Just by following a few steps, you can create your own GIFs and start using them in a matter of minutes. Besides, if you want to grow your Instagram account, you may want to see Famoid’s packages here:

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