The Dirtiest Places in the Office

Would you be surprised to know that commercial cleaners have identified offices as some of the dirtiest areas we spend our time in? Many people wouldn’t realise that germs and bacteria are rife in these spaces. Offices certainly look presentable – but all the health hazards tend to be pugged away in hard-to-see spots.

We can list some of those office places that attract the most dirt.

5 of the Most Common Dirtiest Places in an Office

Offices are busy, productive places – but they are also some of the dirtiest areas you’ll find yourself. The high-octane nature of a working environment creates masses of dirt, filth, germs, and bacteria – often with no time to be addressed. You may not be surprised that offices can be dirty – but you may be shocked to know which spaces are the filthiest!

1. Employee desks are often the worst places in the office for dirt.

It may be a bit hard to believe, but your desk is usually the filthiest place in the office. The number of germs and bacteria that congregate there far exceeds the number even in a bathroom. These spaces also tend to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt as they have quite a few hard-to-reach areas. Employee desks consistently need a thorough cleaning!

2. Kitchens can get pretty dirty, too.

Here’s the room that’s not so surprising it’s one of the dirtiest – the office kitchen. Considering it’s where everyone comes to eat, you would understand the potential for a mess. Sinks, microwaves, fridges, and other assets all attract dirt and grime from others – often left uncleaned by employees.

3. Buttons, levers, knobs, and handles.

Office complexes often have a lot of things that many people touch daily. Lift buttons, machinery levers, computer knobs, and door handles are just some of the few. Because so many people interact with them regularly, they amass all sorts of dirt, germs, and bacteria. If someone has a cold, it can spread quickly through all these interactive bits and bobs.

4. Office vending machines are a notorious breeding ground for dirt.

Not every office has vending machines – but a sizeable chunk of them do. They serve busy employees a well-deserved snack during days where you can’t escape your desk. The problem is that these machines are not regularly serviced and quickly develop dirt clusters in their dark, hard-to-reach areas. They pose more of a safety hazard than one would think.

5. Let’s not forget about restrooms!

We can’t forget about restrooms, of course – the office room everybody would believe to be the dirtiest. It may not be the worst of the lot, but it certainly needs meticulous cleaning regularly. Everybody uses the restroom – leaving germs and bacteria to congregate and thrive in a small space.

Commercial Cleaners Can Remedy Those Dirty Office Spots

If you want peace of mind of a meticulously clean office – commercial cleaners can help. Here is a company dedicated to spotless working spaces. Contact them today and set up a regular cleaning schedule – you’ll be able to boast that your complex has none of the grime and grot in the places we’ve listed above!



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James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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