The Dangers of At-Home Facial Aesthetics You’ll Want to Warn Your Clients About

home facial aesthetics

With the popularity of at-home injectables growing, we’re seeing more and more unwanted results from Botox or fillers administered by people with little or no clinical training or knowledge of the dangers of facial aesthetics when administered incorrectly. In short, rogue practioners and non-regulated at home treatments could be putting your clients (and potential clients) at risk.

Although many people can find themselves tempted by the convenience and cost savings that at home facial aesthetics can offer, they often aren’t aware of the dangers that these injectables can have. It is up to the professionals to warn their clients against these products of questionable quality and to safeguard themselves from any potential problems they can cause.

Therefore, the team at the Derma Institute has looked at two of the most common potential dangers which you should communicate to your clients to ensure that they don’t suffer any unwelcome side effects and to keep them coming back for professional, high-quality treatments rather than chancing a DIY route.

Unknown Products

Social media seems to be the channel of choice for providers of at-home injectables who often piggyback off the success of TV programmes such as Love Island to attract customers who are hoping to achieve the same results as stars of the show.

Often, these companies seem to appear out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly, so there’s absolutely no way of knowing if the product they are touting offers good value for money or is a poor substitute for the high-quality chemical substances they’ve been enjoying from a skilled and qualified practitioner.

In some cases, the chemical compounds found in these DIY kits contain harmful chemicals which can cause abnormal swelling and reactions that can be long-lasting or even permanent. It is essential that you warn your customers about the dangers of at-home facial aesthetics.

Unskilled Injectable Administration

Just because your clients have been enjoying getting Botox or dermal fillers from a professional practitioner, it doesn’t make them experienced enough to administer facial aesthetics themselves.

Many people fail to recognise that at home injectables contain potent chemicals which freeze muscles and add volume to certain areas, so if they are injected in the wrong quantities or in the wrong place, problems such as drooping eyelids, swelling, abnormal growths and a loss of sensation can occur.

That’s why they should always trust someone with a background as a qualified healthcare practitioner and who has already undertaken our Combined Foundation and Advanced Botox and dermal filler training course to ensure the best results without fear of potentially life-changing mistakes. Harvard have also issued guidance to take a look at, as well as this Allure article.

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