The Camera App That Saves You Money

Do you like saving money? Of course you do, and there is an app that can help you out by keeping costs low for you in the area of home security. If you have thought about purchasing a security camera for your home, buying a nanny cam, or setting up some other kind of security device for some safety and monitoring, then you may not need to. That is, if you have an old Android phone you aren’t using, and you download this IP camera app. 

Your Phone Becomes a Security Camera

You can take that unused phone and put it wherever you need a security camera. Just rest it in a place where it can give you good video feed for monitoring and security purposes, and then download the Home Security IP Camera app onto it. This app connects your old phone and your new one to create a link that streams video from one to another. 

The video streaming method can work on your home’s internet or your home’s internet, and there is no need to have a data plan for the old smartphone. Once the two devices are connected through the IP Webcam app, you will have a home security camera that you don’t need to pay anything extra for. 

Take time to activate whatever settings on your phone will help it be a better security camera, like the motion detection, for instance. Then, you can remotely activate and control all sorts of functions with the app. 

How It Saves You Money

Let’s look at a few ways this app will keep your costs low for you. We have mentioned some of these briefly, but let’s break it down in a handy list for easier consumption:

  • No need to buy a security camera. Just use what you have.
  • No monthly plan to pay for. You save money over time.
  • Protect your valuables with a great security setup.
  • Track down stolen valuables thanks to the streaming video from your phone. 

If you like to keep costs low and you want a decent home security camera, then why not use an old Android phone that isn’t doing you any good right now? It can link to your primary phone with the Home Security Camera app and do you a world of good. You can enjoy some peace of mind about your home’s safety, and if anything happens and someone tries to break in or steal your valuables, you will have it all on video. The motion detector functionality in your phone can be activated so that the video and audio start streaming as soon as a motion is detected. This is truly state of the art security – all using your old Android device. 

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