The Bridge Personality Test: Everything You Need to Know

When building teams or recruiting new individuals to existing departments, personality plays a vital role in building cohesion and productivity. Putting personalities together that are always going to clash is a recipe for disaster. But how can you ensure that this situation doesn’t occur? 

The best course of action is an evaluation in the form of a personality test. In that regard, there is perhaps none better than the Bridge Personality Test. This all-encompassing solution can measure your candidates and employees based on the metrics that are important to you and your organisation, rather than providing arbitrary data points that leave you no closer to building perfect teams. 

So, what is the Bridge Personality Test and why is it the best solution available to companies today? 

What is the Bridge Personality Test? 

The Bridge Personality Test is a work-oriented evaluation of an employee’s or candidate’s personality and mindset. 

Unlike similar tests, this assessment delivers increased validity and reliability by using artificially intelligent algorithms to assign the most relevant questions and judge whether the individual being assessed is trying to “steer” the test to complete it in the most socially desirable way. 

Why Choose the Bridge Personality Test for Your Organisation? 

Not only does this test ensure validity by detecting when an individual is attempting to fake the answers, but your employers can choose which metrics to use for evaluation. There are many competing evaluation criteria within the world of work, but the Bridge Personality Test can incorporate all or just some of them as you see fit. 

The Bridge Personality Test can include metrics from the Big Five Model, the 16 Jung Types, and/or the 4-Colour Model. You can order your personality with all three metrics or choose the personality assessment models that make the most sense for your business. 

In total, TestGroup offers six different versions of the Bridge Personality Test including a custom report that can be tailored to your specific needs. 

When To Consider Using a Bridge Personality Test? 

Due to the comprehensiveness of this test, there are many situations within which you might want to use a personality test.  

Of course, perhaps the most obvious example is during the recruitment process. You need to make sure that your candidate will be an excellent cultural fit for the intended team and the organisation as a whole. With the Bridge Personality Test’s ability to spot when a candidate is trying to “fake it to make it”, you can ensure that the results you have at the end of the assessment are reliable and valid and make your choices based on the results. 

However, many other situations call for the use of personality tests. It could be that you are creating a new task force to work on a specific project, and you need a new team that will function well together. 

Alternatively, it could be that you have noticed that a department or a specific team are exhibiting significant drops in performance and productivity. In this scenario, a team-wide personality test might uncover a range of trait clashes that explain why performance has dropped. 

You could also use the insights delivered by the Bridge Personality Test to improve how team members communicate and interact with each other, improving morale and boosting productivity. The beauty is that you can still use the Bridge Personality Test to improve performance while working remotely.   

Who Can Use the Bridge Personality Test? 

The Bridge Personality Test is available to businesses and organisations of all descriptions. You could be a top-performing company in the finance sector, or you could be a government institution – it doesn’t matter. With so many customisation options, you can completely tailor the Bridge Personality Test to your needs. 

You can also use this test if you are a recruiter looking to provide prospective customers with more information about your candidates. However, candidates cannot purchase this evaluation tool individually. You need to be a company or an organisation to access this industry-leading test. 

How to Purchase the Bridge Personality Test? 

Purchasing the Bridge Personality Test is a straightforward process. Simply head over to the TestGroup orderpage, configure your options (such as 4-Colour and 16 Jung Types, or a completely bespoke personality report), and then submit your order request to the TestGroup team.  

Your chosen tests can be ready in as little as 30 minutes, meaning you can use them on your existing team of prospective candidates on the same day as purchase. 

In terms of costs, there are three pricing options for the Bridge Personality Test. You can buy the test as a one-off purchase, with Bridge Personality assessments starting at as low as €85. Alternatively, if you plan to use this personality test regularly, you can choose to purchase credits that give you as much as 60% off tests. Lastly, you can purchase a TestGroup subscription that gives you unlimited access to ALL tests. If this option appeals to you, contact a member of the TestGroup team to enquire.

Is There Any Training Available for Bridge Personality Test Assessors? 

Yes, we offer a Bridge training and qualification course that offers you insights into the Bridge Personality and Bridge Ability Suite, providing you with the knowledge and skills to regularly utilise the tests within your work environment. You will learn how to administer tests during recruitment and within existing workplace teams, as well as developing an understanding of how to correctly interpret and analyse test results. 

Upon completing the one-day training course, you will become qualified to conduct these personality assessments with candidates and team members. The cost is €785 (Ex VAT), and it takes place at the prestigious NH Bussum Jan Tabak hotel, around 30 minutes from Schipol Airport

Choose TestGroup Today for Industry-Leading Insights Into Candidate and Team Performance

From personality tests to online assessments, TestGroup provides your organisation with the tools it needs to create cohesive and productive teams and departments. We serve over 250,000 participants annually, and over 92% of our customers recommend us. 

So if you want to ensure that your new or existing recruits have what it takes to succeed at your company, then make sure to contact our experts today to discuss your specific assessment requirements.  

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