The Best Toptal Alternatives You Should Consider While Hiring Developers

Toptal is a rapidly growing freelancing platform. They claim to provide access to the world’s top developers, product managers, and designers. It may be popular, but it has sky high commission rates compared to other freelancing platforms. Fortunately, there are Toptal competitors that can help you find expert freelancers, without breaking the bank.


CloudDevs is a one of the best Toptal alternatives that should be considered if you want to hire expert developers at reasonable rates. Their hiring process filters the best developers within 24 hours. They also make sure that the developer you get has the same time zone as yours, so you do not face any communication lag.

CloudDev takes around $40 per hour, and has access to over 8,000 senior developers and designers. By choosing CloudDev, you will get a 14-day no-risk trial period to check whether the developer is suitable for your business or not. After 14 days, if you think the developer is unfit for the job, the company will replace the developer with someone more suitable for your company, or offer you a refund.


Arc.Dev uses a six-step screening process to offer the best developers to their clients. It claims to have the top 1.1% of developers available for businesses to hire. The average cost of sellers on Arc starts from $60 to $200 per hour, which makes it nearly as expensive as Toptal. But you may get better developers here. If you are looking for the best developers for your business, and do not mind paying them a bit more than the average cost, then you should consider Arc.Dev.


Gigster provides a complete tech team, and not just an individual developer. Therefore, it is only suitable for clients who need extensive tech-related work for their business. It has a talent pool of 1,000 plus developers who are based all over the world. After submitting your requirements, the company will take up to 10 days to find you a suitable development team. Their pricing per project starts from $52,000 per license.


Upwork is a good Toptal alternative where you can find developers of varying experience. To hire a developer through Upwork, you will have to interview the potential candidates and find a suitable match all by yourself. It offers two different payment options; the first is hourly rates, and the other is per project rates.

You may find rates starting from just $8 per hour to $200 per hour depending on the level of experience. The commission rate of Upwork is only 2.75%. If you are looking for developers at feasible rates and have time to interview potential candidates, then Upwork is a suitable alternative to Toptal for you.


Like Upwork, Guru also has non-vetted developers. You will have to interview potential developers on your own to find a suitable developer for your company. It has freelancers from all over the world, and they offer different skillsets for varying budgets. Guru has over 1.7 million freelancers offering its services, and they deduct 2.9% commission from every transaction that a buyer makes.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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