The Best Streaming Apps for Android TV 2022 -Happiness is Two Clicks Away…

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It’s Time! The time has come for us to disconnect all our cable TV subscriptions and tag along with the digital streaming services. At the moment, this has become the most popular and the easiest way to get access to the latest movies and TV shows. It has brought the entire universe of entertainment to your living room with a single click on the app.

But some of us, though we love this new concept, do not want to miss out on the great stuff we used to watch on the cable connection. Do not worry; you still have a lifesaver! These most popular android apps will let you enjoy millions of new movies and TV shows while having your regular cable TV subscription along with you. And the best part, dear readers, is that most of the time this will cost you nothing! You do not have to pay a single penny for the movies you enjoy.

Did we arouse your curiosity?

Don’t worry; let us share more details on the most popular apps you can use. These apps can work well with the Android TV or the Box. But they also support other platform devices like the Nvidia Shield, Xbox One, Fire TV Stick, and Roku.

MovieBox Pro

MovieBox connects to BitTorrent. It gathers all the contents from the requested subject and forms a complete viewable and shareable file.

For example, an entire movie or TV show. It is one of the best apps in this field, while most other apps are banned. It has more than 15000 TV shows and movies in-store with switchable audio and subtitles. The picture quality is excellent, with

360-pixel resolution and H.265 compression.

The best thing about this is that its content can be streamed online or saved to watch later. If you are a paid subscriber of a specific plan, the picture quality is higher. Don’t forget this is an ad-free experience and is compatible beyond mobile devices.

You can easily download this app directly from the MovieBox Pro website. If you have a VIP subscription, it cooperates well with Android and iOS gadgets, Apple TV, and Chromecast devices.

The plus points are that it has no commercials installed prior through premium link sources like Real-Debrid and AllDebrid; it has VIP support. The minus issue is that this does not stream the movies as the others do. You have to search and select a film each time you wish to watch.

Zinitevi App

Zinitevi is one of the most popular apps to download TV shows, movies, and trailers. It, too, is a free app, and you can watch anything and download it as well. The fascinating thing is that you can easily download this app on IOS and Android devices. The fascinating fact is that this is compatible with many other devices like Xbox, Roku, AirPlay, MacBook, MiBox, laptop, PC, and Xbox.

Also, this helps you to enjoy the best quality picture of higher resolution as 720P and 1088P in HD. This app is very appealing as it lets you enjoy the latest movies. The app has movies arranged category-wise. So, searching for the newest film is very easy. Also, this app is updated regularly, so you will not miss out on any new movies. And here’s more news! This app allows you to watch the productions by the production houses and studios.


PopcornFlix is also one of the best free streaming apps. But in charge of what you watch, you get the ads between the movies. Also, this app allows you to create your account and personalize it according to your movie interests. But there is one disadvantage to popcorn flix. Suppose you are looking for original stuff that is newly released, well. In that case, you are most likely to get disappointed as you will not get the realistic experience of Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or Disney.


Crackle is one of the free and legit apps you can try out. Of course, Crackle offers you the chance to stream movies, videos, and TV shows for free.

What makes us disappointed is that the shows get interrupted by the ads and commercials. Most people think it is worth considering the amount of content you get to enjoy.

Another adverse point is that none of the streaming is HD. Also, you will not get the latest movies or TV programs streamed in this.

But no worries!

You still have plenty of nice stuff to watch.


Hulu is an on-demand streaming service in the US and Japan. It is a Disney-owned platform that falls into the category of premium entertainment. It offers all the latest movies in full length and the TV series that are the latest. Hulu Live TV, a unique feature, is competent with Sling TV, YouTube TV, and others that offer live TV and cloud DVR features. And the fascinating thing is this has an extensive library of all the latest releases of TV shows, movies, and plenty of original content.

Therefore, even if this is a paid service, most people love using this due to its original and latest stuff. Hulu focuses mainly on streaming newer TV shows from many popular network broadcasters, other original content, blockbuster movies and shows, independent films, and documentaries.

How can you install these apps on your Android TV?

Before you can watch the movies, you need to download these apps according to your preference for your device. Below are a few tips to quickly get the job done.

To download and install any of these free movie apps on Android TV, please follow this quick guide:

  • Open the Google Play Store. Search for the app you need to install- e.g., Hulu
  • Click on the “Install” button on the installation screen.
  • Click on the “Accept” tab.
  • As soon as downloading is complete, click “Open.”
  • The app will now install.
  • Click “play” to stream movies and TV shows without a problem.

There you go!

You are all set to get the thing going. So, for what are you waiting? Your happiness is just two clicks away!

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