The Best Free PDF Password Remover in 2022

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is an app used in removing passwords from locked PDF files. It is a premium application that helps you to bypass edit permission password. With the tool, you just need a single click to get the unknown or lost passwords. The app is designed to remove permission passwords, making the files editable, printable, copy and paste. aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is also effective in removing encryption from PDF files that are fully locked with an open password or user password. This happens if you know the original password. The app allows you to import bulk PDFs and carry out decryption of more than 200 files simultaneously.

The Introduction of aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover helps decrypt and remove master or owner password restrictions on PDFs. This makes it easy for you to print, copy and edit the PDF documents. The tool is also used remove encryption from locked PDFs with an open or user password. The app has rich features that make it work efficiently.

Unlock PDF permissions without knowing the password (Remove permissions password without knowing password)

At times you want to share PDF documents to others, but you do not know the password. Note that you can only share files if you enter the correct password. The other challenge is that you cannot even print the PDF document without the password. aJoysoft PDF Password Remover allows you to unlock UPDF permissions without knowing the password. This means that with the tool you can remove the permission from the files even if you do not know the password. It is easy to do it with just a single click, meaning even if you are a beginner you can do it easily.

If you have PDF documents that are protected by an open or user password, the tool helps unlock the PDF permissions instantly. For these files, you do not get a lock icon on these PDF files without password. All you need to do is to click remove password option on the tool. Within a few seconds, your documents will be fully decrypted. Now you are free to perform all the edits you want.

Remove the user password (open password) permanently by entering the password once

You may also have PDF files with user or open password. The tool makes it easy to remove the password, do all the edits and even share with others. PDF files with open password will show notification that the file has an open password. Thus, you should insert the password in order to unlock it. In this case you need to click the lock icon and enter the right password key to open the PDF document. You also need to click the remove password option so that you can remove all other existing passwords on the file. This also helps you to disable all the copying, editing and print restrictions.

Batch remove password from PDF document

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover can help remove password from a batch of PDF files. Thus, if you have a lot of PDF documents you want to remove password, this tool is a great option for you. You just need to import the files into the software and permanently remove the passwords. It allows you to carry out batch decryption of up to two hundred files at a time. This makes them accessible to anyone who wants to access or view. The great feature makes it handy tool especially if you work in a busy office environment.

To remove the password from the batch, you need to click add files to import the multiple documents. You also have the option to pick them from explorer and drop in the software window. Now you can remove the password from your batch. Do so by clicking on remove password and the task will be complete within a few seconds. If you find the lock icon on the right corner, just click it and then enter the user password. This helps unlock the PDF documents for all purposes.

No file size limitations for the PDF document

It can be stressing to try to remove password from a document, but you find that it is not possible because the file is too large. This is the case with many PDF password removers. This can limit you on the files that you can remove passwords and do the edits or allow others to view in the office.

This problem is sorted by aJoysoft PDF Password Remover, because the tool allows you to remove password from any size of PDF file. The software does not have any form of restriction on the size or the number of files you can remove passwords. The other great thing is that even if you have large files, you can have the password removed within a few seconds.

More secure than online solutions

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover ensures data security and is safe to use. Thus, if you want to remove password from your PDF files, but you have concerns over the security of your documents, this is the right tool for you. The software ensures that all your files are safe from unauthorized access. The other great thing is that the rights to your unlocked files remain to you.

The information in the files is not shared with other third parties. So you have peace of mind that your competitors will not access your details. This is what makes it more secure than most other online solutions.


aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is great tool you should never miss in your organization. If you deal with PDFs you will definitely find those with passwords, denying you the freedom to edit or share them. The software is of great help since you can use it to remove all the passwords and allow for more efficiency when handing the PDFs in your organisation. With its rich features you can seamlessly remove the passwords. Besides, since it is secure, you do not worry about losing confidential information to your unauthorized third parties.

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