The Best Books to Read about Travel

With the situation the world is currently at – due to the pandemic and all – most of us won’t be going anywhere soon, and it looks like that we have to satisfy our wanderlust through other means. And that is where the travel books come in. One of the best things about books is that they can transport us to places that we want to go, and all from the comfort of our homes. Books can take you to places that you have gone before and may want to revisit in your mind.

We know that waiting out for the pandemic situation to die down will take a long time, so, what to do to escape this situation?

Fret not – we have gathered for you some of the best travel books that you can read to satisfy your boredom, all the while taking you to some of the most picturesque destinations. Right from France to Trinidad and Tobago, there are a lot of cities and countries that you can visit or even revisit, for that matter! Among all, there are the books that create the love to travel, go through the list, and you will for sure find the book for your taste we well.

Love after Love

Penned by Ingrid Persaud, the book has won the BBC national short story award.

A debut novel by the author, this book is told in the Trinidadian dialect and shows us the relationship between a mother and her son. Add to that a mysterious lodger and some juicy secrets – this is a book that will put you on the edge of your seat with each chapter!

The Sapphire Widow

With a backdrop as Sri Lanka, this novel is authored by Dinah Jefferies and is a Sunday Times bestseller. The book features a widow, Louisa who is left behind to solve the mystery of how and why her husband died suddenly.

This book is a sensual treat – the sights, smells, and the atmosphere of Sri Lanka has been portrayed quite beautifully in this book.


Written by Rachel Cusk, this novel tells the story of a novelist who heads off to Greece to teach a writing course amid summer.

The conversations that the novelist has with the locals and how she came to know the city and in the midst of all this, she also gets to know herself better – this book portrays the above with the sharp observations of the street life, restaurants and how finding the secret idealistic swimming places can make your day much better from an average one!

City of Girls

Set in New York in the 1940s, this book is chock full of glamour – and rightly so, for it features some of the most vibrant and vivid descriptions of nightlife in the city. Written by Elizabeth Gilbert, this book in a very short time has become the Sunday Times bestseller. The novel tells the story of Vivian, who at 19 was shipped to New York by her parents to live with her aunt. There, she becomes friends with a gang of showgirls, and the rest – as they say – is history.

Peaches for Monsieur Le Cure

With this book, be ready to get transported to Lansquenet. Located in rural France, the setting for this novel is the same as that of the first bestseller, Chocolat.

That’s right – Chocolat was the first bestselling novel of the novelist, Vianne Rocher, and this book ‘Peaches for Monsieur Le Cure’ revisits the settings and the characters from the first novel.

This novel tackles the subject of religious intolerance, and add to that, the vivid descriptions of rural France – this book is truly a bewitching masterpiece.

Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line

Life in the slums is never easy – and this is what this novel tries to portray, and the author has done it beautifully.

Written by Deepa Anappara, the slum life in India is described quite vividly in this novel – it features the tale of Jai and his two buddies as they try to investigate the whereabouts of their missing school friend.

The subject itself may be heartbreaking, but it is dosed with lightness and makes for a compelling read.

Crazy Rich Asians

A New York Times bestseller and a masterpiece on its own, this novel is penned down by Kevin Kwan and tells the tale of the super-rich Chinese community in Singapore.

Wild and funny, this novel follows the story of a Singaporean native, Nick, who brings his American Chinese girlfriend to his home, and who has to struggle to fit in her boyfriend’s wealthy family and friends.

Right from the city life to the cuisine of Singapore, this novel is filled with details that will simply pull you in.

P.S Singapore visa is e-visa for the most of nationalities. You can easily apply and check out, enjoy the places described in the movie by yourself.

A Modern Family

Written by Helga Flatland, this book gives us an insight into the psychology of human relationships.

It all started with a holiday – set in Italy, three generations head off to Italy to celebrate Sverre, their grandfather’s birthday, but he and his wife have some unexpected news to share.

Elegantly written, this novel is a must-read if you want to know about Italy and what it stands for. If you need more reasons to visit Italy, you can check out this blog.

The Disappearance of Emily Marr

In today’s world, you can’t disappear – and that’s what this novel tells you.

Following the media hunt, Emily runs off to a quiet island off to the coast of France but finds out soon enough that her efforts have all been in vain.

Full of twist and turns, this thriller is written by Louise Candlish and is a must-read for thriller lovers.


Written by Cheryl Strayed, the novel is a memoir of the novelist herself. This novel features the tale of the novelist’s epic hike that she took along the Pacific Crest Trail. A huge word-of-mouth seller, this novel has even turned into a film starring Reese Witherspoon.

Chock full of vibrant and vivid descriptions, Strayed’s story is inspiring and will take you through the wild landscape of the wild coast of America.

Wild Women

Throughout history, many women have undertaken adventurous journeys that have turned out to be epic and record-breaking, but sadly, they have never been chronicled – they are either dismissed or forgotten.

This book, curated by Marcella Frostup, consists of real-life experiences and tales of women and includes explorers from the 1700s to the present days surpassing continents, right from the Andes to Antarctica.

The Burning Chambers

It has been 10 years since the Labyrinth trilogy by Kate Mosse has graced the top of the charts.

And now, Kate Mosse has returned to the 16th century with a new historical novel, The Burning Chambers. This novel tells the tale of two teenagers and how a chance meeting between them started it all.

The two teenagers, Piet and Minou, are set on the opposing sides of a religious war, and a chance meeting sets them on a journey to protect an important relic.

Paris Echo

A tale told through two narrators – one is a teenage Moroccan immigrant, and the other is an American academic who is researching World War II – this book is a love letter to Paris’s odd corner and historic streets, flattering neighbourhoods and tourist attractions.

If you have always wanted to know about Paris, then, this book by Sebastian Faulks is a must-read.

Where the Crawdads Sing

This novel immerses readers in the coastal marshlands of North Carolina while telling the readers a tale of a gripping murder mystery with a coming-of-age narrative.

Written by Delia Owens, this novel in only a matter of days rose to the top of the charts – mainly due to the novel’s main character, Lya, who despite being abandoned learned to survive amongst the cattail lagoons and palmettos.



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