The Best Airbnb Management Software

To build a successful and profitable short-term property rental business, you must manage it effectively: add listings, update prices, communicate with guests, and leave reviews. And also, do household chores:

  • Provide cleaning of the premises.
  • Purchase necessary consumables.
  • Invite repair specialists, photographers, and other specialists. 

You can do it manually, but it will take too long. A better solution would be to use Airbnb’s business management services and software. It will save you time and give you an edge over your competitors.

Most Popular Airbnb Business Management Services

To grow your vacation property rental business quickly, you can use Airbnb’s management software services. There are quite a few, but we will discuss the most popular ones.


Hosty offers Airbnb management software to users. It will help solve most of the routine tasks that property owners have to face. 

The main features provided by Hosty include:

  • Multi-calendar for simultaneous work with different booking calendars.
  • Booking manager for easy handling of bookings from your guests.
  • Task Manager, where you can delegate various room maintenance tasks to invited specialists
  • A financial manager calculates your profit and evaluates the performance of your business over a certain period.
  • The service offers turnkey solutions for apartments, Bed & Breakfast, houses, and hotels.

It is also worth mentioning separately the tools for automating the daily tasks that Airbnb Hosts and managers have to deal with:

  • Auto messages. The speed of response to messages from potential customers will play a significant role in ranking. Automatic messages allow you to answer common user questions instantly.
  • Auto price. Pricing flexibility will allow you to maximize profits by raising prices on weekends and holidays and discounting when demand is low.
  • Auto tasks. If you work in a team, automated tasks will facilitate communication in the team and allow you to remind specialists of their tasks in time.
  • Auto reviews. For guests to leave positive feedback, you need to respond similarly to them. Automated tools will compose review texts that look like they were written by humans and send them to your guests.

Hosty also offers an AutoPost tool that automatically posts new ads to your account. For example, if you want to start renting your property at a certain time.

Automated functions eliminate the human factor and help avoid delays and errors that adversely affect your business.

  • Trial version: yes.
  • Price: from $10 per month for an active listing.



Guesty is another short-term rental business management service that offers many helpful solutions and tools. Among them:

  • Task automation tools: Auto-reviews, Auto-replies, Auto-payments, etc.
  • Services for analytics of key indicators of your Airbnb business. It will help you understand your business’s development and identify growth points.
  • A multi-calendar that makes it easier for you to manage your property bookings.

You can also use channel management and other helpful business solutions.

  • Trial version: yes, for 14 days.
  • Price: $49 for one listing per month. The cost per listing will be lower if you have multiple listings.


Lodgify provides flexible solutions for Airbnb hosts and other short-term business owners. The platform offers a set of services for owners of restaurants, Bed & Breakfast, houses, apartments, cottages, and hotels. And also for Airbnb property management companies that manage multiple properties.

Among other things, the service provides property management software: automated tools will simplify your communication with guests, updating the price list, managing tasks, and other daily activities of the property owner.

  • Trial version: Lodgify has a free version.
  • Price: The paid tools package starts at $17 per month.


An essential plus of Igms is the availability of service packages for both property owners and property rental managers. And even for a real estate rental management company. A large selection of tools makes this service very convenient and helpful for Airbnb businesses of all sizes.

Automation tools include:

  • Smart messaging system. It allows you to automatically answer the most popular questions from guests and maintain a natural dialogue. Of course, you will have to deal with complex cases personally, but this is what you need for standard questions.
  • Synchronization of multiple platforms. You can pull data from different services: Airbnb, Trip Advisor, etc.
  • Feedback management. For guests to leave reviews, you must do the same in return. Even if you forget to write feedback to your client, Igms will do it for you.

In addition to Airbnb business automation software, you can take advantage of other platform conditions: for example, managing a cleaning team.

  • Trial version: yes, for 14 days.
  • Price: You can pay for one booked night (from $1) and the management of 1 property (from $18).


Services for automating the management of a real estate rental business can greatly simplify your daily tasks, regardless of whether you are a real estate owner or a specialist working in a management company.

Several platforms offer comprehensive solutions for different types of rental businesses. Each offers useful tools, so you should prioritize the features you want to automate. You can use the trial period to evaluate the advantages of each platform, choose the best option and pay for a set of services. Choose services based on your budget and your business needs.

It will save you time and help you build a successful and profitable Airbnb business.

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