The Benefits of Building an Android App with the Right Development Partner

what to look for when choosing a developer

Marketing an Android app is the new way for businesses to connect with consumers. The Android mobile operating system has specialized features to give app creators the most marketing potential. The unique features offered by the Android OS include operating on an open source platform, which allows for more flexibility and access to a larger market space.

To properly tap into this market, an app has to be developed correctly. If you do not know how to develop an app, you can partner with an app developer to successfully bring your idea to the marketplace.

What Does a Good App Developer Look Like?

When you hire world-class specialists, they will make sure that they understand your vision and will keep you up-to-date on every stage of the process. A good app developer will start out by helping you define exactly what your app is going to do for your business. After this phase is complete, they will take you through the wireframe stage. A wireframe is the blueprint for an app. A wireframe will map out the number of screens in the app, the written content on the screens, the app functions available on the screens, and how each screen relates to the next.

Have Your App Created Properly

After the wireframe is complete, it’s time to develop the user interface. The user interface is how users interact with the app. A proper design begins with creating a flexible interface layout for the app that molds itself to different phones. A flexible layout ensures that every phone user sees your app the way you intended them to see it. After the layout is created, it’s time to design your custom widgets. Widgets allow people to access information from an app without going into the app. The next step after this is to develop and test the app.

The Right Way to Develop and Test an App

The Android OS makes life easier for developers as it is far less complex than the iOS closed-source space. This allows good app developers can keep their staff lean and mean. Jobs can be completed quickly, and developers can provide good prices to their partners. After the app is developed, the developer will place it under the guidance of a quality assurance analyst.

The quality assurance analyst will first test the app extensively for technical flaws in its programming. After the technical test is done, the analyst will test every function of the app for anything that will create a poor user experience. Once an app can pass all of these tests, it is certified as being ready for the public to download.

A good app development partner will do more than just create an app for you. To help you really make a splash with your app, they will create a webpage for it, publish it in app stores, analyze customer feedback, and provide maintenance to make sure it’s always operational. If you work in conjunction with a good app developer, the sky’s the limit on how many people you can reach.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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