The 7 Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation

The 7 Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation

There are some things most travelers don’t leave home without; earphones, toothbrush, phone charger, passport and obviously their phones. While those items might sound extremely important for traveling, so are mobile apps. Thanks to the high-tech world we live in, the apps listed below will ease your travel planning, help organize your trips, guide you to your favorite destinations as planned, and entertain you to the fullest.

Pinngle Safe Messenger

Pinngle Messenger is a free messaging app connecting users across the world with instant messaging, voice and video calls. While there are similar messaging apps out there, Pinngle is the only VoIP app that offers economical options for calling while you’re abroad.You can use this calling app to make free phone calls even in countries where voice and video calls are blocked. Moreover, in case you are traveling to cities where internet is very slow or even expensive, Pinngle Messenger enables you to stay fully connected no matter how slow your internet connection is and consumes less data than any other apps. The app also offers paid services such as international calls, offline calls and virtual numbers at low rates for travelers worrying about roaming expenses. Download Pinngle Messenger now and enjoy making high-quality voice and video calls with your family while you’re abroad. Download at is a mobile app that allows you to browse maps of all countries without being connected to the internet. The good thing about this app is that it consumes less data usage and takes up way less storage than Google maps. So if you’re traveling to countries with limited access to the internet, or if you’re in a place with no WiFi, will be able to navigate you either ways. Besides, it offers hiking trails such as in mountains and forests that aren’t even on Google Maps. That is because the app is user- inputted, which allows users to edit maps, add cities, roads ,and locations to any destination.


Whether you are wandering down the streets, in a restaurant, or even in taxi rides, you will always hear local music playing in every corner while traveling. You might like to hear some of them later again, but trying to identify the names of these songs might be difficult for you. In situations like these, Shazam app is the perfect solution. Before heading to your favorite city, make sure to download Shazam, a music app that immediately recognizes names of songs and their artists for you. Even if you are in places with no WiFi, Shazam will record and save any song offline and automatically detect it once you’re connected to the WiFi again.

Google Translate

Language barrier is no longer a problem with Google Translate. Google translate is a fundamental tool and a life savior app for any traveler. The app offers free translation to more than 100 languages in many different ways. Google Translate allows you to type out words and phrases, doodle phrases on the screen with your finger, record via voice in conversation mode, or even use their in-app camera to hover over phrases. The app also operates offline. So before heading anywhere, make sure to download your desired language pack/packs in advance, in order for it to operate offline.


Tripadvisor is the ultimate travel app for travelers looking for reviews of hotels, restaurants and sightseeing attractions. It is also known to be the world’s largest travel site offering 600 million + unbiased traveler reviews. Tripadvisor is more than just a regular review app. Apart from reviews, this app helps you plan your trip by creating your own customized itineraries. With the app’s new “Trips” feature, you can save the destinations your planning to visit and organize your trip accordingly. The app also has a feed section where you can see other users’ trips, photos, reviews, to get inspired and gather ideas for your trip.


The first thing that usually comes to mind while traveling is memorizing everything that’s around you. With that in mind, every time you see a beautiful scenery, you’ll want to capture those moments in photos. But random strangers who take your pictures are not professional photographers. That’s why there is PicsArt — to make your travel photos look awesome with its cool editing tools! PicsArt is the #1 photo editor and pic collage maker app that lets you be truly creative with its almost limitless features. Besides having a variety of artistic filters, the app offers pic collage maker as well as huge variety of effects, stickers, drawing, doodling, video and photo editing tools. PicsArt is yet another app that works offline too! So make sure to download the app before heading to places with no WiFi and enjoy creating wonderful photos with their awesome tools and filters!  


Since not all planes, busses and trains have WiFi, you can entertain yourself while traveling to a far destination by streaming Netflix. Netflix is the world’s leading internet entertainment service that offers TV series, movies, documentaries across a wide variety of genres and languages. You can download the app on your phone and subscribe to one of its paid plans to enjoy watching your favorite movie on board. However, just like the rest of the apps mentioned above, do not forget to download your favorite shows or movies in advance for offline viewing when you do not have an internet connection.  



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