Ten Years of Success for UNIQ Los Angeles’ Yacht Rentals

Luxury meets opportunity in Los Angeles

Many businesses have had to weather storms recently, but UNIQ Los Angeles seems to have sailed through the past ten years. Known for its celebrity culture, incredible scenery, and beautiful beaches, perhaps there is no better place than LA for a yacht charter business to start its journey. The successful Los Angeles-based yacht rental firm has been creating luxury experiences for the rich and famous for over a decade now and is set to expand internationally. As more and more entrepreneurs are looking to the luxury travel market for new opportunities, UNIQ’s business model is a stunning example of creating a business to cater to the most exclusive clients.

Exceeding customer expectations

When it comes to the rent a yacht business, you definitely get what you pay for and at the higher end of the scale, customers really do expect to be treated like royalty. This is a key part of the luxury market philosophy and at UNIQ Los Angeles, they are dedicated to providing incredible customer service and truly exclusive experiences. Founder Dmitry Lyubimov started the business in 2010 and has invested everything into being the best of the best. Speaking in 2021, he said, “We are all about bringing you that elegance that you need to leave the best impression possible on your clients, your friends, or helping you give world-class service to that extra special VIP, and we’ve been doing it successfully.” The company knows that its clients have high expectations and go above and beyond to meet them. With an adaptable and customizable service, customers know that they can go to UNIQ with the most extravagant ideas, and get a luxury solution they’ll be proud of.

Adapting and growing a luxury business

The luxury market is booming, and Instagram-worthy yacht trips are considered to be a worthwhile investment for clients who are willing to spend on the best. By understanding the importance of attention to detail, superior quality, and providing exclusive experiences that are hard to find elsewhere, the business has differentiated itself from the competition and continued to grow. They have also adapted and developed over the last ten years, offering new services like charter private jet hire, helicopters, and a limousine and exotic car rental service too. When discussing the lessons he has learned over ten years in business, Dmitry urges fellow entrepreneurs to understand and improve on the competition, saying “Learn all your competitors, their strong and weak sides, and based on that, try to create your product/service even better,”.

Never compromising on quality

By building a reputation for unparalleled service and elegant luxury travel experiences, the yacht charters business has developed into a global player with a fleet worth over $30 million. Many entrepreneurs can learn from this uncompromising attitude, with Dmitry and the team constantly improving and growing the services they offer. He recently said, “The main reason for being termed as the number one luxury yacht rental in Los Angeles is due to our state-of-the-art fleet”. Refusing to compromise on quality has ensured clients keep on coming back to UNIQ and the vehicles and services they offer to continue to increase.

A bright future for UNIQ

On the horizon is a new expansion into Miami, with a range of luxury yacht rental services and private jets for clients. In the future, the business is set to expand internationally, into regions where luxury travel is particularly in demand. With cities like Dubai and Sydney on the table, as well as planned expansions in Monaco and Ibiza, this LA firm looks set for success.

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