Technology: A Game Changer for the Food Industry

Technology is changing the world and becoming ingrained in every industry and business. The food industry is no exception, evolving and adapting to new trends of technology to stay ahead in the game.

Before the pandemic, consumers were much motivated to on-premise dining rather than ordering online through restaurant websites or catering apps sitting on their couch or while watching movies. 

After the pandemic took its toll, it changed everything.

The foodservice industry has been heavily impacted. This has caused a surge in take-away and online quick delivery services options. 

The restaurants catering services have quickly geared up to adapt, to offer their customers more flexible and pandemic-friendly dining options.

The restaurant/food catering industry is constantly undergoing a dynamic transformation – and yet more transformation is ahead. 

The redesigning is helping them to understand their customers’ requirements, to evaluate and capitalize on technological trends and advances.

Tech revolution is giving an edge to food catering services. It is clearly setting the industry in motion, changing the landscape of the industry such as introducing promising catering software; pre-ordering apps to facilitate off-premise dining experience is becoming a key element of success in food services.

To keep pace with new developments and demographic changes, the food service industry has to constantly innovate its existing technological capabilities and /or implement new technologies. The next generation catering software is undoubtedly a game changer and keeps catering businesses ahead in their competitors.

Upgrading to a Next Generation Food Technology

Nowadays, customers are technologically savvy and are accustomed to instantaneous access to information.

To meet their demands quickly, internet-connected monitoring devices or cloud-based technology are giving restaurant owners more control, to engage the customers in a highly personalized way.

Some web-based catering softwares, like Flex Catering, DoorDash, Caterease, offers solutions for restaurants and food catering.

These softwares help to generate more sales in less time and work. The softwares has given ease to the customers and reduced the heavy burden from the shoulders of the caterers or restaurant owners who were accustomed to tiring on-site hours work.

Here are some trends in catering softwares that caterers should consider as essential for catering technologies:

Data prediction softwares

These softwares are enormously powerful tools that foresee problems with the product supply and can even predict customer behaviour. 

It uses the power of Artificial Intelligence(AI) to trace patterns and predict outcomes.

Smart delivery routing

Customers receiving delivery on time makes all the difference. Time is of the essence when you are in the food business, as the freshness of the food is of utmost importance to the customer as much as flavor and taste. 

A smart delivery routing system has many striking features, such as checking the  driver’s performance, location, number of deliveries, and other important information to help improve the process.

Online chat and real-time bookings

Online chat is the fastest growing trend in customer catering services. Online chats result in higher customer satisfaction.

High usage of mobile computing

We can see that mobile computing is at its highest, and continues to grow with the influence of mobile devices in our lives. Customers prefer mobile-friendly catering services apps and websites

The catering software industry is continuously gaining momentum due to the massive use of cloud-based software in food catering services.

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