Taking a Look at Tooth Cloning…

Taking a Look at Tooth Cloning

Thanks to technology and new innovative treatment processes, it is possible to avoid a lot of dental problems that maybe would have caused problems just a few years ago. It is recommended that you should visit your dentist at least once a year, but the frequency of visits should be higher if you have a dental issue that is being managed.

At https://dentysta.eu, we strive to ensure you and your family get professional dental treatment at a cost that will not break the bank. We are always looking for ways to better our treatment. One new treatment we have introduced is tooth cloning.

What is Tooth Cloning?

Tooth cloning is an excellent alternative dental treatment for people who have lost a tooth or more and do not want to wear dentures or prosthetics, say WNDU.com.

Tooth cloning involves the stimulation of the gum cells to regrow a root canal that can support new teeth, as explained in this article. The new tooth is regenerated through a complex bio-engineering process that helps teeth cells develop in the cavity created by the lost tooth.

Teeth cloning is highly successful in many patients, with a record of long-lasting results that can help the patient live and eat properly again. More and more patients are deciding to undergo the tooth cloning procedure to help replace a lost tooth.

Caring for dental prosthetics and dentures can be quite a challenge for many people. The need for regular dental checks can also be avoided by choosing to undergo tooth cloning. The bio-engineered teeth that are grown will feel and function like a normal tooth for many years.

Another reason our tooth cloning process is becoming a favourite choice of our patients is that the dental procedure can be done without filling the patients’ cavities.

Who Can Undergo Dental Tooth Cloning Procedures?

Young people below the age of twelve may not have grown all their permanent teeth, so tooth cloning will not be available to these young children as a solution for lost teeth.

Tooth cloning is a good treatment option for people who have lost their permanent teeth. Thankfully, for those patients who are older than twelve here at Dentysta Gliwice, we can start and complete the tooth cloning procedure quickly with effective results.

Is Tooth Cloning a Safe Dental Procedure?

The dentists at Dentysta Gliwice have successfully done the tooth cloning procedure many times, and the result have been fantastic. It is a safe dental procedure which offers many different benefits for patients. Patients who undergo this dental procedure may need to make a few dental check-ups to confirm that the regenerated tooth is performing as expected.

At our dental clinic, Dentysta Gliwice, we have installed modern equipment such as the IntraOral Scanner, X-ray equipment for Tomography, and dental tools for root canal treatment, so we have all the equipment ready. So, don’t let a lost tooth stop you from smiling again!



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