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HubShout started out in 2008 by offering a multitude of services including SEO, analytics, content marketing, and PPC, as well as other associated solutions for your online business.

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What’s Good About Hubshout?

HubShout (more info here) have grown over the years into one of the industry’s most well-known online solution providers. They have gained a lot of recognition from reputed customers who are very satisfied with HubShout services. One of the best things that customers like about HubShout is their openness with stats. Skimming through the reviews, one can easily observe the level of customer satisfaction HubShout has consistently maintained since 2008.

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HubShout believes in the lean startup methodology, where numbers matter more than the words.

But, everything has not been as shiny as it appears today. According to statistics published in 2017 on their website, HubShout has seen dips in business in the past, which compelled them to change their strategy and come out all-guns-blazing. This change in strategy has been effective as the numbers now show.

HubShout have been working really hard on improving its customers’ satisfaction. According to data from 2017, the business saw a sharp increase (15%) in customer satisfaction right after the implementation of a proactive approach in communicating with its customers, according to stats from Hubshout Reviews – https://hubshoutreviews.com/2017/08/hubshout-updates-customer-satisfaction-data-and-reviews/.

The honesty about their failures is something that many users admire, which has in turn led to more business as they make changes to counteract their shortcomings. Not only has business increased, results for clients have also increased, leading to better reviews.

Areas That Need Improvement

HubShout has maintained a simple yet professional website, where customer reviews speak louder than gimmicks of fancy themes. Though this can be taken as a positive, infographics and explainer videos are important add-ons that can really make their offering seem more appetising for new users. Many if they worked on this more, it could tempt more webmasters to use their services?

HubShout are offering great services to its clients and they are certainly worth trying out. For more reviews, check out https://hubshoutreviews.com/. Have you used HubShout? If so, let us know what you think of them.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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