Tailgating The Green Bay Packers Fan’s Way

Tailgating the Green Bay Packers Way

Do you love tailgating? You are not alone. Thousands and thousands of people tailgate every year and normally multiple times per year. In this article, we are going to talk about exactly how to tailgate, what to expect, and what the overall experience typically looks like. Although every tailgate is a little different, one may have Green Bay Packers fan merchandise, such as this, and one may have the opposing teams, in the end, it’s the overall atmosphere of tailgating that makes it fun. Keep reading to learn more.

Eat Great Food

One of the best parts about tailgating is the food. Depending where you are tailgating may make a difference however we will go through the most traditional foods for tailgating. We will be honest, tailgating food isn’t all that great if you are on a diet. That means it traditionally is a lot of meat and a great deal of carbs, and a lot of fried foods. Of course, you can still make healthy options. If you want to go the traditional way, you can grab a BBQ and head outside. If you want something different, that’s always okay too and grab food you know the people around you will all enjoy.

There is Alcohol

Traditionally, there is drinking when it comes to tailgating. We won’t talk about that a lot in this article since it will vary for everyone. A lot of times the drinking is used for a social element or it can be used to play games with outside of the tailgate.

Fun Games

There are normally a lot of fun and easy to set up games when you are tailgating. Some of these include flip cup or cornhole. There are also fun card games that can be played but those really can only come out if there is zero wind or if you are inside an area. Many people include alcohol while playing these games but of course, it is not a must.

Talking About the Game

What a better time to talk about the game you are tailgating for than at the tailgate. Although a lot of people are there just to have fun and mingle with others, a lot of the people are there to talk about the game that is going on. They will look at the statistics, see who has played whom in the past, see the predictions for the game, and talk about any other games going on. It’s always fun to speak with other fans and even get different perspectives on specific areas of the game.


If you are tailgating right in front of the stadium, there typically will be a parade. Sometimes some of the players will get involved for this parade. It typically will also have the cheerleaders out and doing routines, sometimes the dancers will be out, and it is all to get you excited for the game and keep you entertained.

Meet New Friends

One of the best parts about tailgating is that you will meet friends so easily. Everyone is there to have a great time and in a lot of cases the tailgates end up running together and everyone is mingling and meeting new friends. This is especially great because they will be fans just like you. Many people set up their tailgate in the same spot every single week during the season so they get to meet new friends from other tailgaters that set theirs up beside them weekly too.

Catch Up with Old Friends

Another great advantage of tailgating is that you get to catch up with old friends. Many people have their tailgate buddies in which they consistently head to tailgate with the same friends that they have known for years and years. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with them. That is why we wanted to make sure to highlight this fun part of tailgating.

A Full Set Up

The entire environment is fun when it comes to tailgating. Most people think of traditional tailgating as being in the bed of the truck and having it open with food etc there for people. Today, many people bring in large RVs, have pop up tents where food can all be under, and a million other fun things. Traditionally however, a tailgate takes place at the back of the truck.

Televisions Are On

It’s common, especially with football, to have a television with the other games that are going on that day. That television will then be used when the actual game starts if you are continuing to watch it there. This is very common and when people tailgate they then stay in the same area in order to then watch the game with everyone too.

As you can see, there are so many little ways that tailgating can be traditional. With that said, the great part about tailgating is that there are not a lot of rules. You can make the tailgate your own specifically to what you want to be doing or watching. Many people sit in front of a television outside and watch the games happening before “their” game. Others don’t want anything to do with a television and talk and play games for hours end. You can make your tailgate your own. We hope this gave you ideas as to how to have a great tailgate party and enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself!

Keep up to date with the Packers at https://twitter.com/packers.

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