Surviving During an Earthquake

Surviving During an Earthquake

You may have heard that a big quake (which measured 6.4 on the richter scale) hit around one hundred and twenty five miles north of LA recently. The impact from this big quake was able to be felt in Mexico, aswell as Vegas. This massive quake was actually the largest one that California experienced in many years.  

There was also a second sizable quake (measuring 7.1 on the richter scale) , which happened on the 5th of July. These natural disasters created severe damage to the crust of the Earth, which could be seen on images obtained by satellites. United States Geological Survey ( said that if a quake that measures 7 on the richter scale, it is one of the strongest quakes we have seen. An earthquake of this magnitude will likely result in a lot of damage to buildings which are poorly constructed. Thankfully, there appear to have been little or no reported injuries after the quake, but this isn’t always the case. Stores had some items fall off the shelves, but there wasn’t too much damage to buildings.

In 2003, the Working Group for California Earthquake Probability predicted that there was a 3 percent probability that the Greenville Vault would produce an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 or higher within the next 30 years. Groups like these are doing their part to help predict when an earthquake will hit to warn Californians of what to expect and prepare themselves, but it’s only a prediction.

These quakes have caused many Californians to wonder when the next one will come, and have sparked conversations about “The Big One.” Earthquakes are unpredictable, and can strike at any time, with little warning. If you don’t have an earthquake survival kit, it is important to start building one or buy one as soon as possible. The necessity for an earthquake kit, like this, is enough food and water to last you and every member of your family for 72 hours. Other key items to add to your kit are medical supplies, extra clothing, blankets, and handy tools. 

It is also highly recommended that you develop an earthquake survival kit for your car and your office. Many businesses were closed during the last earthquake that hit on July 4th, but this of course isn’t always the case. A quake can hit while you’re at work or in your car, so it’s important to have earthquake survival kits when to prepare yourself for these types of disaster scenarios.

While it is great to develop an earthquake survival kit for you and your family, unfortunately not everyone has the time to build one – or they might not know what to include. There are many reputable online stores that sell quality earthquake survival kits, and they come in many different sizes. Experiencing an earthquake can be terrifying, especially for children. The aftermath of an earthquake is a daunting thing, but structures can be rebuilt. Lives can not be given back if you’re caught unprepared in the event of an earthquake. If you don’t have an earthquake survival kit, it’s imperative that you build or buy one as soon as possible. You never know, it could end up saving your life. 

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