Stellar Data Recovery – An Ideal Recovery Solution


Whether professional or personal, our systems contain information that is very important to us. However, sometimes due to some error may be on our part or system’s we end up losing the data. This is where software like Stellar Data Recovery plays a pivotal role. This free data recovery software is capable of retrieving your lost files from PC as well as USB drive without costing a dime. 

Prominent Features of Stellar Data Recovery 

Following are some of the impressive features associated with Stellar Data Recovery –

1. Three-Step Recovery 

When it comes to an easy way to getting back your lost data, Stellar Free Data Recovery Software is the solution you should consider. The team has made the entire process easy and straightforward for its users. All you have to do is launch the software in your system, select the relevant file type or storage device, scan it and finally save the recovered files. With these simple three steps, the software helps you to recover up to 1 GB of your lost file without any cost. 

2. Option to Preview the File 

Once you have scanned the file or storage device, you will be shown a preview of the recoverable files in an organized format. This will assist you in easily selecting the files that you need to recover. Moreover, file preview feature allows you to play video clipping, view image thumbnails and display content document prior to saving them. This feature ensures that you have selected the right files, and there is no need to repeat the processes time and again to get the correct file. 

3. Select Any Format for Recover 

The software allows you to recovery photos, videos, PowerPoint deck, PDF, and Word document, email, workbook, and many other types of files. Irrespective of the type of file you wish to recover, Stellar Data Recovery proves to be an all-encompassing and effective solution. It eliminates the need to rely on multiple software to recover different type of files, making it a versatile solution. 

4. Recovery From BitLocker Encrypted Drive

This software is capable of recovering lost data even from the BitLocker Encrypted Drive. Moreover, there is no complexity to the process; all you need is the decryption key. After that, the process is similar to the one we mentioned above. Within minutes you can retrieve the lost data from the tightly encrypted drive. 

5. Retrieving Data from Corrupted Volume 

If you are not able to access a particular drive, and the system keeps asking you to format the drive, do not format right away. This happens when the drive gets corrupted or damaged. In such instances, Stellar Data Recovery can be the perfect solution. Install and launch the software and then format the drive in order to avoid any type of loss of data

With the capability of recovering up to 1 GB of lost file for free, Stellar Data Recovery is evidently a great solution. It is a comprehensive solution that is designed to recover any type of file, irrespective of high encryption and corruption volume.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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