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This is an honest review of my experience with Stay Managed (formerly Air Managed) in Edinburgh, run by Daniel Parker.

This company managed my flat in Edinburgh for short term letting for 1 year, and in that time, it has been a total disaster. Trust them with your property at your peril. This is the first time that I have decided to write about a company like this that I have had a negative experience with. More for my own benefit of putting this all behind me than anything else. Also, I am that angry about my experience with StayManaged Edinburgh, I thought it would be my duty to warn others.

What Can You Expect From Stay Managed Edinburgh?

1) Cleaners Don’t Turn Up…

There have been occasions where cleaners have not turned up and guests arrived to find a flat which has not been cleaned at all from the previous guests….

Stay Managed Edinburgh cleaning

2) Terrible Cleaning…

Unemptied bins. Full dishwashers. Dirty plates and crockery. You name it…

This is the standard of cleaning you can expect for your £55 clean….

Terrible cleaning by StayManaged Edinburgh
Avoid Stay Managed Edinburgh
Stay Managed Edinburgh Cleaning

If you have the audacity to complain about the cleaning, you will be met with…

3) Terrible Cleaning Leads to Mice…

Yes, an infestation of mice. Granted, Edinburgh properties are prone to mice. But, the flat was so dirty and poorly maintained, we had to call in pest control to lay traps to get rid of them. Of course, you will be footing the bill, despite the terrible cleanliness of the flat caused by Stay Managed causing the problem in the first place. And yes, you will have to arrange this yourself, yet you are still billed.

Stay Managed, Air Managed Edinburgh reviews

4) Two Days Without a Toilet….And You Will Be Billed Three Times to Fix the Same Problem…

A group of four ladies who booked into the flat had to do without a working toilet for 2 days while StayManaged tried to co-ordinate a plumber who had time to come and fix it. Safe to say, it was me who had to phone the guests to apologise.

When the repair was made, it was a short term fix which broke the week after, and we were of course billed. £130 to fix a handle on a toilet that took 2 days to fix and then breaks the week after?

I will not show you pictures for this one!

5) Did I Mention the Cleaning Was Bad? “Pubes” in the Bathroom…

There are so many reviews, I thought I would add one more. Get the picture!

Stay Managed Edinburgh

If you have had a negative experience with Stay Managed (formerly Air Managed) in Edinburgh, comment below.

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