Startup Advisor, Hiruy Amanuel, Sheds Light on the African Software Company Creating a Social Impact Utilizing Software Solutions

Technology companies are changing the world, and some of these companies are doing so by addressing unmet social needs and humanitarian issues.

One of these companies, ETM Software, creates social impact by developing software solutions for humanitarian and hospitality service industries.  Experts see the African software company as one of East Africa’s leading software firms. 

About ETM Software

ETM Software is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and builds digital products that generate outstanding experiences. They provide a number of services, including web development, mobile development, advanced digital marketing, and custom software development. Founded in 2016, ETM Software has now taken on over one hundred different projects for various customers. 

As part of ETM Software’s mission, the company strives to supply quality products through the latest technologies to meet clients’ needs and guarantee the highest levels of satisfaction. ETM Software aims to establish long-term professional relationships with customers, which is why customer satisfaction and distribution of dependable, high-standard solutions are of the highest priority. 

ETM Software includes in its vision a hope to have their reputation reflect the modernization, flexibility, and reliability that their company and its products and services exemplify. The software development company also continuously works to create customized products known for reliability and security and streamline business operations. 

During the software solution process, clients of ETM Software work with specialists on customized system design, software development, and customer analytics. 

System design defines the architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data that meet a customer’s business needs. The process is an application of systems theory to product creation. Software development includes the creative minds of software developers generating computer programs. These developers make the applications cater to specific tasks on a technological device as well as the primary systems that control networks or run the devices. Customer analytics includes collecting data from the client’s customers’ buying behavior to help with solving vital business choices from predictive analytics and market segmentation. 

ETM Software Product and Services

ETM Software’s products include Enterprise, E-commerce, and E-learning. 

Through solutions like Innovate Enterprise, ETM Software provides a customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) application solution that assists management teams with organizing a company’s workflow information. ERP is a business process management software that opens the doors for a business to utilize a system of merged applications to generate work automation and manage the organization. 

Another solution ETM Software offers is custom software consultancy and development. This specific solution is a fully customizable software that tends to the needs of a company. Clients can inquire about their particular problems and struggles they find within their company, and ETM Software’s talented team will provide a cutting edge solution. ”We recently completed an application for the ministry of tourism in Ethiopia to help promote the destinations and world heritage sites in the country,” said Mikias Amdu.

“ETM Software’s customizable and wide-range of product choices make its services a value to any company, which takes its efforts towards focusing on serving humanitarian and hospitality service industries and developing quality and reliable software solutions for those sectors to a level that amplifies the company’s social impact,” said Hiruy Amanuel. 

About Hiruy Amanuel

Hiruy Amanuel is a dedicated philanthropist who has invested in several educational and technological initiatives in East Africa. By increasing access to quality education and technological resources, he hopes to drive the rapid development of groundbreaking technologies throughout the Horn of Africa.

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