Something You Should Know About Aniracetam

Aniracetam is a nootropic drug which is considered as booster for cognitive operations and mental awareness, according to It is not approved in U.S yet, but it has been approved in some parts of Europe as prescription drug considering it as a mental temporary booster and stress reliever just like caffeine. The main difference between caffeine and Aniracetam is that the caffeine is naturally derived but the Aniracetam was synthetically derived in 70s by the reaction of anisoyl chloride with 2-pyrrolidone applying triethyliamine as a catalyst. Its main purpose was to stimulate the main receptor in neuron called as AMPA receptor. The AMPA receptor takes control of the flow of neuron signals. That’s why it efficiently improves the mental performance and release the depression and stress. It is also considered that it can sharpen the memory and increase the focal attention. 

Uses of Aniracetam

Although it is not approved in the U.S but Europeans can use it for one of the following because it can be used in multiple cases. Some recommended uses of Aniracetam are listed below.

For better memory and concentration

Just as normal boosters and health supplements, Aniracetam (see here) can assist you in better memory and concentration but you must take proper prescription from the doctors before taking it as a memory booster.

To avoid depression

Aniracetam can be used as depression reliever, according to Wiley. Some studies have shown the positive results in patients who were dealing with immense depression. You must only use the prescribed dose for the depression. Normally 50mg per kg is the suggested dose for depression.

To cope with dementia

Dementia is an overall decline efficacy of memory and other neural abilities. Majorly it is caused by Alzheimer’s disease in which brain cells become impotent. It is normally found in old people who find it really difficult to perform the daily routine work. Some researches show that the Aniracetam has shown some positive results curing the dementia.

Side Effects

Although it is approved in Europe but it is not approved in U.S by the FDA due to some possible issues. Because it is chemically synthesized, that’s why it may have some side effects just as other casual drugs. Some possible side effects after usage of Aniracetam for more than one year are diarrhea, headache, anxiety and insomnia. That’s why it is referred as prescribed drug. You should take proper prescription from specialist before buying it.

Where to Buy From?

You can buy it from the licensed drug stores in Europe. It is categorized in supplements and boosters. If you are an American then you can’t buy it from the local stores as it is not approved by FDA in U.S. You can also buy it from some authorized online stores having good previous record of quality drugs and supplements. One of the best options to buy Aniracetam in its 98% pure form is the Hohance Chemistry.

Its pharmaceutical lab (Looshine (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd) has the best record of providing authorized drugs, nootropics and pharmaceutical products in market up to 98% purity. Further, you can also see the Technical Data Sheet of each product on their website which is enough to choose the Hohance. 

Hohance’s previous record shows that it is well capable and worthy organization which has been continuously providing large amount of high quality chemical products like Pharmaceutical products, Nootropics and intermediates, OLED and OPC intermediates. The Shanghai Hohance is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. Moreover, it is awarded as “Technically Advanced Service Enterprise” and “New and High-Tech Enterprise”. If you are willing to buy any chemical, pharmaceutical product then you must check out the Hohance Chemistry home page. You will be easily directed towards your desired chemical product.

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