Some Tips to Make Your Tiktok Account Famous

Define your audience

Your audience is made up of views as well as subscriptions. Engage new viewers and get tiktok likes and followers. When owning a certain number of viewers, you need to determine your target audience. View the activity under your posts. Find out which of your videos are getting the most following, comments and likes.

Use this data to create new content. It is recommended that you monitor your activity frequently. Also control the quality of your material. Connect with viewers, do not close comments, read them all, and also respond. Listen to your audience, research what they want.

Learn from popular users

Take inspiration from popular TikTokers. Watch their videos and get ideas from that. Popular profiles only publish trending clips. Dance videos or some kind of tutorials are in demand now. Show your activity on other people’s profiles. Communicate with the public, advise them to visit your channel.

Know your opponents

Explore the material of the various accounts. At the moment, there are a lot of similar accounts and, unfortunately, no one can be insured against this. Chat with your opponents, shoot duets with them, promote your pages. Also you can advertise each other. Through your actions, you will be in demand with your competitor’s audience.

Use promotion services

You can also use promotion services to promote your account to the top. There are a large number of free and paid services to buy followers on tiktok. Real people will subscribe to you, not bots will like you. It is worth saying that paid tools are better in quality, but they cost money.

Take part in different challenges, like and comment. This method is versatile, effective and, most importantly, free. Also, don’t forget about hashtags.

Use funny and interesting quotes and phrases 

Tik Tok is a new social network that has spread across the country. Its adherents can be found both among teenagers and among people of the older generation. Tik Tok’s videos often contain various funny or interesting phrases that have already become popular and recognizable. They can even be called a modern trend.

Top popular funny phrases for TikTok

For convenience, such phrases have been collected, and a list of the top most recognizable statements has been compiled.


Such emotions as resentment can only be caused by people who are truly dear.

Be more decisive: in old age, it is better to remember your own foolishness than to regret that you did not even try.

If you constantly look back at the past, you can easily miss the beautiful present.

Your own popularity is the best recognition of your subscribers.

When registering, I could not understand what is special about tiktok, having removed the first video I knew that it would not interest anyone, and now it is practically addicted.

Funny phrases:

Don’t worry about the few pounds you put on, because penguins were once swallows too.

I want to give you back your nose that you lost while rummaging through my personal files.

If you decide that it is easy to look great in the photo, try to draw in your stomach, protrude your lips, show snow-white teeth, give a languid look, and get a natural picture.

A person feels almost perfect when filling out a job application form.

If, according to women, all men are the same, then what do they choose all the time?

Sayings about love and relationships:

You can fall in love with the outer appearance, but you can truly fall in love only with the soul of a person.

At the sight of a loved one, the faces of even the most evil person bloom, which means happiness in love.

I can breathe, which means I love! I love, which means I breathe deeply.

If you feel love for two people at once, choose the second one immediately. If you truly loved the former, the latter simply would not have arisen.

Often girls do not notice when they are loved. This becomes noticeable when there is no trace of love left.

Most popular phrases:

Your life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be opened.

You don’t spell it … you feel it.

As soap is to the body, so laughter is to the soul.

Love is a game that two can play and both win.

To love is not to look at one another, but to look together in the same direction.

You can also choose a beautiful phrase in different languages. Of course, the meaning will not be clear to everyone, but such a signature will look very original.

In order to make your own page popular, you need to be extremely careful not only to the content that will be uploaded to it, but also to the description of each individual video and the overall status of the page.

Remember that the transmitted thought can very subtly emphasize the desired mood, the nature of the video. Users often search for a similar video by the specified hashtag.

Remember, a beautiful phrase will surely intrigue users and attract new subscribers by increasing the activity on the page.

Why famous sayings are needed

Users are looking for famous and beautiful phrases for a reason, they are needed to be added to the video description, to the profile status, or to use when writing a speech that will be uttered during the shooting.

When choosing a phrase, start by defining a category:

funny or serious statements;

thematic (about love, parents, etc.)


For convenience, phrases are initially divided into categories. It remains only to decide on a suitable one.

Remember to leave the “#” before the word

We can say that hashtags are special elements that are needed to promote an account. The solutions are universal, as well as effective tools; many users have used them to promote their accounts. Everyone is encouraged to use them. With the help of them, you can gain a large number of likes and subscribers, the main thing is to follow the rules that were written in this article.

Don’t forget to mix and match hashtags. The main thing is that your hashtag matches your video. Even the most ordinary guys from an ordinary family make their way to the top, so you can do it too. Everything doesn’t come right away. The main thing is to learn to endure, do not be lazy, try, and also follow the rules.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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