Solutions: 3 Common Problems Travelers Face with Their Suitcases

Problems Travelers Face with Their Suitcases

One thing no one wants to encounter are the small issues that come in between what should have been an otherwise enjoyable travel experience. This is the kind of thing that happens when you get luggage problems.

Depending on how much of a traveler you are, here are some of the common fixes to luggage troubles you might face at one point or the other, which could make your vacation not as restful as you might like.

Packing Too Much

Sometimes, we just pack way too much for a trip that was supposed to last for just a week or two. Of course, you want your new location to feel like home, but you will do well to remember that it is not home.

Thus, ensure you are packing as functionally as possible.

Here, you will be better off packing a week’s worth of clothes since you can always purchase more at the travel location – or turn the dirty laundry in to be washed. This even gives you much more space to bring souvenirs back home than if you had overpacked.

Luggage Breakage

This can happen in many ways than one. For some, the issue is with the zipper suddenly giving way and spilling all the contents of the bag. The same happens with some so-called hard-shell suitcases which will crack on first impact. That, and we have not even mentioned the chances of the wheels or handle breaking off.

The first step to ensuring this never happens is making a quality purchase from a premium brand. However, breakages occur after a good deal of use too. Thus, you should pick suitcases with the option of installing a replacement handle, extra wheels and such modifications, according to What should be noted is that you need to find a trustworthy manufacturer. A brand that we truly love is Sunsen. It is a professional China-based company of replacement parts. Hard Luggage Telescopic Handle 9V02BA-C2 is one of Sunsen’s best sellers. It is made of PC material, which speaks for its high durability and shock resistance. The anodizing body can also extend its service life.

Little Space

This is a problem that could rear its head at any point of the journey – either before travelling or when you are coming back. For many people, it is the latter. Afterall, you must have noticed that luggage has the tendency to become bigger than it was when you were travelling.

Fortunately, the fault here lies with you.

While we don’t recommend buying a large suitcase just for the kick of it, we also don’t recommend getting the smallest of the bunch – unless that’s what you need.

Choose your suitcase according to your luggage size, and do well to account for possible extra space you might need as time goes on. This will ensure you don’t have to cram too much luggage into a small suitcase lest you force the zippers to break.


Picking a suitcase is an art unto itself, and you can check out these advice pages on SmarterTravel and from to help you select the right suitcase. Now that you know what common problems to look out for, you are now in the best position to make even better-informed decisions on luggage purchases.

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