Smart Helmet: A True Hero in Life


Details determine major issues; tiny stuff changes a life. People have never realized how some small things could shift a matter; and this time, the smart helmet (available at this link) is one such example. The story below, about the intelligent helmet and Mr. Marcel from London, tells you how the smart helmet becomes a true hero in his life.

It was six months ago when Marcel was riding on a street. All of a sudden, a car hit him unexpectedly. Because of the impact force, even the bike itself has severely broken beyond repair. Fortunately, enough, Marcel was saved by the smart helmet and survived the car crash. Just like one of the by-stander said at that time, he’d be dead had him not been wearing a helmet. Indeed, he described that his head would have resembled a smashed watermelon without the trusted LIVALL smart helmet. In the past, he never treated the helmet seriously and didn’t quite form a habit. After that, the smart helmet has become an indispensable part of his riding life.

That’s why Marcel has become a long-term customer of LIVALL since his life was saved. If he had not been wearing the helmet, if the helmet had not been robust enough, ……, it’s hard for us to imagine the results.

More focus put on the help of smart helmets on unanticipated accidents, the smart helmet, for most of the time, is specially designed to provide daily protection. In this case, Marcel has lots of stories to tell, as well.

In the past, if the cyclists wanted to communicate with their companions, they need to ride alongside with one another to chat or talk about the route they are going to take. Marcel has no longer been bothered by it since LIVALL smart helmet provides walkie talkie feature to allow them to talk through the helmets. This could be a progress of safety when riding down the busy roads of central London with his partner on the way to work. No more turning of heads and risking oncoming traffic makes this an ideal feature to have.

The fact that the helmet has a headphone feature also means Marcel doesn’t have to look at his phone for getting directions of where they are going. Google maps in the previous time speaking directly into his ears, making Marcel hard to capture the sound of traffic around. This could be quite dangerous for the past.

Turning to the night riding, the cover of darkness and flashing lights of London’s traffic could be huge challenges for a cyclist, according to ScienceDirect. Because many motorists don’t see cyclists and take the normal rear bike lights for granted, causing huge problems of the cyclists’ safety. Things change when there is a flashing light at head height, with indicators to show whether he’s going right or left. He feels significantly more comfortable and safer in the surroundings.

Being a superhero to silently protect the cyclist in daily life, a smart helmet is also expected to be comfortable to be worn. Marcel told us LIVALL smart helmet is the one. He feels incredibly comfortable in the super lightweight helmet, everyone he has recommended the helmet to have commented on how light the helmet is. Even without all the features, this helmet is incredibly comfortable and stylish.

A smart helmet has been a hero to redefine your safety; this includes changing your methods to communicate and gain information while cycling, the night riding with indicators and the alarm functions of accidents and so on. You might not even notice, but for a cyclist, the smart helmet has been a guard for all-around protection.

We are glad that the smart helmet has truly changed something and made things better. This is also an aim of LIVALL to bring more protection and joyfulness to the world. The smart helmet could help bring more hopeful stories, more cyclists could accompany themselves with this hero, a safer and more comfortable cycling life is here to come.

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