Sloan Flushometers


Plumbing supply companies generally distribute parts from well-known companies in the industry instead of manufacturing their own parts and products. One of the most successful plumbing fixtures and installations brands out there is Sloan Valve.

Sloan designs products for all commercial bathroom appliances like sinks, faucets, toilets, soap dispensers and flush valves. In this article we will go through the main models of Sloan flushometers giving a brief overview of each of them. Sloan designs flush valves that work in all types of bathroom environments so they have valves with different specs and capacities. Some are manually operated and others are sensor operated. Some have solar-powered components, others are designed for high traffic restrooms or for low water quality water sources. Their offer is very wide.

The main Sloan flushometer models are:

  • Royal
  • Regal
  • ECOS & G2

Royal Flushometers

The Royal flushometer is the first flushometer designed to work with reclaimed water. This means that it is equipped to withstand corrosion and other consequences of the process of converting wastewater into clean and reusable water once again. Perfect for constructions with reclaimed water infrastructure. It is manually operated and is one of the most commonly found Sloan flush valves out there.

Regal Flushometers

These are a good alternative for commercial bathrooms despite being slightly less equipped than the Royal flush valve. It is a high performance valve that goes for a lower cost. It includes an accurate flush delivery system and is optimized for a quiet operation.

The main differences between Royal and Regal flushometers is that Royal has a dual filtered bypass, a permex diaphragm that is built to last, a high pressure vacuum breaker, a triple seal handle, controlled inertia dampening and has a vandal resistant stop cap. Regal flush valves do not have any of these specs.


The most important aspect to mention about these models is that they are sensor faucets. This means that the user does not need to press any buttons or pull any levers for the flush to activate. This is becoming increasingly more important in response to current sanitation requirements. These flush valves come with an override button assembly but only in case it needs to be rebooted.

ECOS flushometers reduce water volume up to 30% and the G2 models are designed to work in high traffic or low water quality installations. Repair parts are generally the same between these two models.


These flushometers are also sensor operated and are solar powered. They have a battery backup in case it needs to be used. It can be purchased in single or dual flush models. The battery is expected to last up to 8 years and is activated by an infrared sensor.

No matter what type of bathroom you’re looking to build or upgrade, Sloan has a flush valve designed for your needs and budget. Just go though our plumbing supply website and contact us for information and guidance.



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