Skills That Will Help You Find Success As An Architect

To be successful in the architectural field, you’ll need to have the right set of skills. You should be capable of more than just conceptualizing and drawing buildings. You’ll also need to be good at physics as well as math.

Here are the eight skills that you need to have to succeed as an architect:

1. Math Skills 

It’s essential that you be comfortable with advanced mathematics. Knowledge of algebra is very important in this field. You’ll also need to have sound knowledge of geometry, as well as the math used in physics.

As an architect, if the math doesn’t add up, then the building you make could end up collapsing or becoming a threat to people. The first skill you should develop if you want to be an architect is your math skills.

2. Knowledge Of the History Of Architecture 

Architecture is only considered a field where much interdisciplinary knowledge is required. However, the more you know about your field, the more successful you will be. Understanding the history of architecture will help you build a solid foundation on which you can base your designs, says

As an architect, you should know what buildings looked like throughout history, and why. Architectural history isn’t just about aesthetics but also about what was practical and functional.

3. Design Skills 

You should be capable of conceptualizing designs for buildings and should also be able to draw them. Consider taking courses in the principles associated with architectural design. Architects are artists as well, and you should work on your design skills if you want to create innovative designs.

4. Client Management Skills 

You may not always be asked to work on projects that you’re interested in. Often, you’ll be designing buildings that meet the needs of a business. The vision that a business has for its building may be different from what you envision. During such times, you should be capable of providing your client with what they’re looking for.

Ask them about their requirements, and try to give them what they are asking for. For every opportunity you get to work on a project that’s artistic, you’ll need to work on at least five to ten business-related projects.

Also, consider investing in insurance for architects. This is because when you become an architect, you’re likely to find yourself exposed to various career-related risks. You could, for example, be sued by a client. When you have insurance for architects, you gain financial coverage against common career-related risks. To find out more about insurance for architects, click here.

5. Visualization Skills 

You should be good at both drawings as well as structure. Try out your building skills in world-building games, as you can develop your visualization skills this way. You should also have a working knowledge of software like AutoCAD and AutoDesk 3ds Max.

There are companies that may require you to have knowledge of certain software in order to find employment with them. This is why you should build your visualization skills using architectural software.

6. Knowledge Of The Law 

Any design you envision must comply with the laws of the land in order for the building to get permission to be built. There are policies that you’ll need to know about, as well as building codes. Architects need to have thorough legal knowledge that can help them ensure that their designs adhere to the set laws.

7. Team Work Skills

For a building to be built, you need more than an architect. It’s the construction team that works together to work on a building project. Even though your job role will be different, you’ll still need to be in agreement with the other team members. If someone disagrees with you, don’t take it personally. Work together to successfully finish the project.

8. Problem-Solving Skills 

Architects find themselves encountering obstacles from time to time. When you’re met with a setback, you should take a step back and observe the problem. Then, find a solution to it. You should be able to react to issues in a timely manner. You may also need to work together with other team members in order to solve the problem collectively.

Having analytical skills can also enable you to deal with any problems that might arise. Expect that problems will come your way occasionally and that you’ll need to overcome them.


To be successful as an architect, you’ll need to have a wide set of skills. You should be good at math as well as physics and also be capable of visualizing buildings. From working with a team to knowing how to solve problems, this guide lists all these essential skills you need to have to be a successful architect. 

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